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The Hard Road of Success for Mobile Startup ‘Handy’

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the hard to pronounce founders of the company Handy. Handy has been one of the fastest growing freelance companies in the world but the path to success hasn’t always been easy. IN fact, in early 2016 it seemed like the ceiling was always about to fall in on the New York City based entrepreneurs. Handy‘s core concept is that it offers a way for freelance workers to offer their services to customers via a handy mobile and desktop application. Hanrahan had insisted on an evolution to their freelance hiring program and it was finally implemented in early ’16. The results were uneven at first but the change ended up being incredibly profitable. initially started out as a local application for New York City before Hanrahan and Dua pushed the project to 28 different markets. Hanrahan and co had pulled in close to $50 million in Series C funding at the end of 2015 and it was at this point that the group decided to push forward with the new freelancer onboarding process. The biggest issue that the entrepreneurs faced was the skepticism that their new freelance ‘hires’ would bother to go through the whole application process without help. Still, with a measured approach to the roll out of the process the two found success quickly enough.

Hanrahan and Dua had met while going to school at the Harvard Business School. Their idea came during a period of time where they shared an apartment. Hanrahan was an ultra tidy person and Dua was more of a messy person. The two wanted to find someway to bring an idea that incorporated their lifestyle with the ubiquitous usage of their mobile phone. Handy ended up being launched in 2012 and soon enough the company was skyrocketing to viability.

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