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The Business Undertakings of Don Ressler, and his Achievements in the Corporate World

Don Ressler is a business mogul, and he has been recognized for being a proprietor of various innovative e-businesses. Intelligence Beauty is one of the successful enterprises that he established. Mr. Ressler joined the corporate sector by founding and later sold the business to Intermix Media. Don Ressler then went on to create another enterprise that was known as Alena Media. Adam Goldenberg, who was Intermix Media’s COO, assisted in the founding of Alena and they focused on e-commerce. Intermix Media’s performance in the market was excellent. It was purchased by the News Corp in 2005. The prosperous firm was mismanaged by the News Corp, and this made its profitability to reduce significantly.

Goldenberg and Ressler opted to leave the Intermix Media and use their unique e-commerce expertise to create a new branding enterprise that they control without being directly involved. They sourced for Alena Media’s former employees and worked together to create the Brand Ideas. The entrepreneurs later altered the firm’s name to Intelligence Beauty. The company built other businesses such as DERMSTORE, which has been manufacturing excellent cosmetic and skin care commodities. Another enterprise is SENSA, and its specialty is in weight loss solutions. The subsidiaries are currently successful, and they have made significant returns. The operations of Intelligence Beauty are headed by Don Ressler of Intermix Media. Dr. Alam Hirsch is the production head.

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Intelligence Beauty has been keen on its success in the market, and it established JustFab in 2010 as a third party enterprise. The creation of the firm was funded by Matrix Partners, which funded it with $33 million. The success of the company was significant, and it had 4 million subscribers by December 2010. The total members who had joined the enterprise had risen six million by April 2013. The development rate of the company became precise, and it attracted $76 million from investors such as Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Intelligence Beauty.

JustFab’s business undertakings have been growing. In January 2013, it started FabKids since the majority of its clients were parents. It then purchased the Fab Shoes, which has a significant number of members in the European market. The company used its acquired enterprise to gain clients in Europe. It got a total of three million members from the continent by the end of 2013. JustFab also created Fabletics in October 2013, and it was given $40 million to facilitate the startup. The business mainly focused on sportswear. The total amount of money that has been invested in JustFab is $250 million.

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