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Securus Should Get More Attention For A+ Rating From BBB

Imagine having a loved one in jail. It’s a fairly common nightmare for many American families because this country incarcerates a higher percentage its the population than any other country in the world. That’s right, we put more of our people behind bars per capita than the likes of China and Iran.


Our Criminal Justice system isn’t too kind to offenders. They toss them around the state, throwing inmates into different facilities in spite of where the inmate came from. This could put hundreds of miles in between the inmate and his or her family. That’s when a prisoner relies on telecommunications services.


Now imagine the relief when you find out your prisoner’s facility is serviced by Securus. Securus Tech is a telecommunications company that provides communication services to jails all over the country. But unlike some other companies, they really go all out to connect you to your friend or loved one on the inside.


They give you video chat privileges and it is easy to use. You just setup an account, log in, request a time for the chat and you’re well on your way. Sign back in at the proper time and you are virtually visiting with your inmate from anywhere there’s an internet connection. You can bring them right into your living room or they can travel with you on a smart phone or tablet.


It’s no wonder that Securus has recently scored accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. They’ve already had an A+ rating for a while. Whenever you call them, they pick up right away, solve your concern on the first call and make sure you are happy with the services. It’s way more than they need to do and they actually treat inmates with the respect that they deserve. Securus should get more recognition for ethical business practices.


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