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Evolution Of Smooth Has Shaken Up The Lip Balm Market

When Evolution Of Smooth arrived on the market they changed the whole lip balm game. Before they came along the major contender was Chapstick. Chapstick was the go-to brand for pretty much everyone. When EOS lip balm arrived they had a fresh idea and some pretty impressive marketing strategies. They wanted to be sure that they were not simply popular for a short time, rather, they wanted to make sure that they made their mark in the industry and angled their marketing for the long term. They obviously are here to stay. Their sales are through the roof and they are one of the top lip balm marketers in the industry. Their growth in the last seven years has been astounding. Today you can find EOS products at most major retailers across the country. If you are in the checkout line most likely you will see containers of EOS waiting to be purchased by eager customers. Even rich and famous individuals have been spotted using EOS. That is just more fuel for the EOS machine that is cranking out their superior lip balms for people all over to enjoy.

EOS advertisements can be found inside some of the fashion industries top publications, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube and have been reviewed in an overwhelmingly positive light. Sanjiv Mehra is one of the co-founders of EOS. He partnered with Jonathan Teller and the now absent Craig Dubitsky. Dubitsky left the company in the beginning to pursue a career with another company that was involved with the oral care industry. When developing the product there were many considerations to take into account such as fun packaging and creating a product that was exciting and different. The final product exceeded their expectations as well as the consumers.

Insiders in the company have recently divulged in an interview that the company is worth somewhere around $250 million. Evolution Of Smooth has managed to outsell both Blistex and the industry giant Chapstick. Continued growth is also expected in the coming years.

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