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The Word of Mouth Advertising of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is here and make up will never be the same again because of this. There are a lot of women that are coming across this brand of lipstick and eyeliner, and it is really changing their style. There are a lot of females that are looking for a finishing touch that can make them stand out from the crowd. Some people like to choose unique clothes that set them apart from others, but it is becoming much more common place for people to take interest in Lime Crime cosmetics. Nothing sets a woman apart from the crowd better than this.


This brand has managed to become one of the more dominant cosmetic brands this year because it is getting promoted through so much social media. Large numbers of fans are signing on to Instagram and Facebook to give their opinions about this brand.


Lime Crime is getting tons of attention because there are so many new shades being added to the website all the time. This is why there are so many tweets about this brand. The Teddy Bear, Alien and Squash shades are getting a lot of promotion, and there is still a lot more to come in time. People are going to appreciate the ease in which they can log on to the website and buy products like this.


There are a lot of different cosmetic products on the market so it is a difficult market to penetrate. So many consumers that already found something that they like are going to become loyal to be more well-known brands like Sephora or Revlon. Doe Deere was confident that there was something for that new customers might be interested in trying something new. She was right because her brand is getting loyal customers that are willing to promote the product for her. Many people that have become customers of her brand of cosmetic are now taking the time to spread the word to family and friends. This is what a good line of cosmetics can do. People that really like Lime Crime are not willing to tell others.

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