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What to Look for in an Online Reputation Management Firm

Representing your brand online is becoming more and more important, but finding the right online reputation agency when there are so many advertising their services can feel like an overwhelming task. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, Fox Newsrecently published an excellent article by Ryan Erskine about how to pick a good online reputation company. Let’s look at some of the main points in this article.

Don’t Believe the Advertising

The process of finding an online reputation management firm usually starts with a simple Google search. Interestingly, Erskine recommends avoiding the firms with a lot of online ads that come up in the search. His logic is simple – as in any other business, if a reputation firm is really good, it doesn’t need advertising.

Look for Diversity

Because Google is constantly changing its algorithm and because the Internet itself is constantly evolving, it’s important to pick a firm that can represent you in many different ways. Online Reputation Reviews suggests that a company seems to be all about one strategy – Twitter posts, for example – it may not be able to roll with the changes if Twitter posts are suddenly less effective, which could happen.

It Shouldn’t be a Mystery

A first-rate online reputation management firm doesn’t make their work sound complicated; rather, they show what they’re doing for you clearly and in layman’s terms. If a firm has the attitude that their work is hard to explain, then avoid them. In short, beware of smoke and mirrors. Additionally, look for testimonials and recommendations from previous clients; a good firm will want you to see these.


When choosing an online reputation management firm, use the same criteria you would for selecting any other contractor. Although the Internet can be intimidating to people who aren’t entirely tech-savvy, the right company will work with you in a way that’s personal and professional and show you exactly how the money you’re paying is working for you online.


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