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Securus unveils Investigator Pro

The prison communications industry is booming as prison populations continue to surge. There are only a few prison communications firms in the marketplace today, but Securus is widely considered the industry leader. Securus has managed to jump to the top of the industry by providing top-quality service to prisoners at a reasonable price, while still fully cooperating with prison officials. Securus is constantly innovating both sides of their product, so they are confident that they will stay on top for years to come. Recently, Securus unveiled their latest innovation and they are confident that it will keep them on the top.


Securus is extremely excited to unveil Investigator Pro. Investigator Pro is a new piece of software that should forever change the way investigations are done. The new software allows investigators to take a voice sample from a prisoner and run it through the system. The software then searches through every call made in the prison system. Investigator Pro quickly pulls all conversations that feature that voice clip.


Securus expects Investigator Pro to have a major impact on the way that detectives and prison officials can look into gang activity and other nefarious activities that take place in America’s prisons. Securus believes that this tool will make investigations more effective and make prisons safer.


Investigators are extremely enthusiastic about the new product. They know that thousands of cases go unsolved simply because investigative departments do not have the man hours available. Investigator Pro can easily save thousands of hours of work for detectives. Prisoners that are not involved with gangs will become safer and trials will go faster.


Securus wants to provide investigators with the best possible tools, and they have done a great job so far. Securus is sure to grow over the coming years as they have a commitment to excellence and integrity.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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