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Putting Out an Online Crisis in Your Business

If you have ever watched firefighters fight a fire, then you know that they have an organized plan of attack. While they may not know what structure is going to catch on fire next, they already have a plan for attacking that fire. It should be the same way for business people says Online Reputation, when an online crisis occurs that results in negative publicity for your business.

The first step in fighting the crisis is to find the source of the material. In an article published on Marketing Tech News, author Georgina Parsons points out that seconds count when fighting negative publicity. Therefore, you should already have tools in place that allow you to follow conversations about your company in real time.

This allows you to rush to the scene of negative press before much damage has occurred.

The second step is to apologize for the problem. Most customers are very willing to forgive a company if they know that steps are being taken to rectify the situation. The first place that you should make a comment is where the negative press first occurred.

Keep your customers informed about what steps you are taking to solve the problem. The best place to do this is on a venue that you can control. Therefore, create a crisis website where you provide information in real time.

Give customers a place to vent their frustrations during the crisis on a turf that you control. This makes it much easier to respond to customers quickly. It also allows you to follow the conversation much faster. You may also find that just like neighbors rallying around a family that has lost their home in a fire, your customers will rally around you and your brand.


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