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Doe Deere Makes Lime Crime Seem Untamed

The beautiful, brightly painted face of Doe Deere brings a wilderness of natural charms to her own brand, Lime Crime. She is certainly much more than simply gorgeous, Deere is a quite serious and intelligent businesswoman. Self-Made Magazine named her one of their few picks of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. She has earned her artistic and designer business chops in a short time.

Some people are starting to think of Deere as more of a Queen of the Unicorns, and that is certainly appropriate for her great appeal. Her creativity is becoming a bit of a 21st century legend. She has revealed in a recent interview that her interests are nothing new. She was beginning to explore her prodigious artistic creativity while she was still a child. She always maxed out on color and tactile textures and mixed all of that random artistry with paint, pencils, and fabrics.

Deere makes it clear she is still that kid at heart. Her makeup business is only one facet of her dynamic life. She started out in social situations with friends in which she helped them all look their best. She was a bit of a prodigy who invented what she liked as she went along. Her deep level of artistry comes through in everything she does.

But, Doe Deere is quick to point out that she was in her 20s when she actually became an expert at both designing and applying makeup. Her first shares of her “bad makeup” shots were posted online in 2006. She then discovered Ben Nye and Kryolan makeup brands to give her looks professional theatrical appeal. And her experiments went in every direction and included original materials, adhesives, and glitter colors. She is very big in the glitter department, which lends a mythical faerie feel. She revealed the name ‘Lime Crime’ came from her very early business online with an eBay store. Deere made the name a trademark in 2008. She got the web address, as it was available, and the rest of her success is a wonderful story of the fusion of creativity with corporate business.

The name has been a big draw for many thousands of girls and young women who are totally astonished and happy to take on her styles. At first, when the business really became overwhelmingly successful, she thought she should have probably taken a different company name. Fortunately, the name has proved to be a stroke of genius.

Doe Deere is the first to admit that having an internet-only online business has pros and cons. The strong brand identity is a huge plus for online business at the company. Malicious trolls, business enemies, and ignorant commentators can anonymously ruin a business with needless, heedless, lying rumors. Deere has had to grow strong and overcome such modern business challenges. Ignoring the haters frees and empowers her against them, without ever having to engage with a single malicious hater.

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