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White Shark is Leading the PPC World

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2011, with the aim of delivering online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The Agency was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs, who brought together their experiences in both offline and online marketing.

The Agency, with its unique marketing tools and tactics, has quickly gained reputation from its cost-effective marketing campaigns. Through its consistent tracking of their client’s marketing efforts regardless of client company size and good customer relations, the Agency has experienced rapid growth in terms of a number of clients in a short span of time.

According to Glassdoor and TopSEOs, This growth has attracted recognition from other bigger companies such as Google, who recognised the company in 2012 by inviting them to the Google HQ in Mountain View California, where a support group was directly assigned to White Shark Media to help them meet their clients’ needs more efficiently.

The partnership resulted in the Company being awarded the Google AdWords premier SMB partnership Award, which is awarded to very few companies that are eligible to and meet Google’s strict training requirements.

The Company maintains an active website, attracting potential clients through frequent updates of articles on marketing. In assisting existing e-commerce clients, the company offers product listing Ads in management plans and Google Analytics implementation to Spotify platforms. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

It exercises full management of its clients AdWord Campaigns in order to meet its client’s goals. Good client reviews are one formula that has contributed to the company’s rapid growth. These reviews are posted by company representatives in the testimonial platform on the company’s website, where they express their experiences working with the marketing agency.

White Shark Media gives trials to its clients. This enables potential clients to go through the services and products the company offers. Links and contacts ensure the company attends to its clients’ needs as first as the product or service is required. The company also became part of a selective Bing Ads authorised program because of its proven success record recognised by Microsoft.

The company is committed to being innovative in its marketing solutions and full transparency no contracts. A talented workforce, innovation, and experience being the main drivers of the growth. Competition in the digital market is tough, but the company has and is willing to step up to the challenge, with the aim of doubling its size by next year.

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