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Doe Deere Allows A Sneak Peak Into Her Colorful Life

When some look at Doe Deere, they see a bright color palette that adorns a stunning face. Others see a self-made woman who was knocked down by life, but no matter how many times she fell, she always got back up again. Her quirky style and bold life choices have given her the strength to run one of the most cutting-edge make-up companies around. Lime Crime started in 2008, but she was making her quality creations way before that time.

She did an interview that delved into the deepest parts of her life. She talked about how she never has time to sit down at a desk, mostly she is going from meeting to meeting in the morning, then working as a chemist in the afternoon. She isn’t your typical CEO; rather, she prefers to be in on the action. Her creative natures have allowed her to be right there where the magic happens.

Many people don’t know that Deere is Russian. She was born in Russia, but shortly after her birth, her family moved to the New York City area. There, she learned about style and fashion. She learned that being different was a good thing.

During her interview, she talked about her initial experience in the job world. She started out as an administrative assistant at an insurance company. She has played in a rock band, plus she had many other businesses that she tried to get off the ground. She fell in love with makeup at a slumber party in her teen years. She loved mixing colors together to formulate unique hues. That night, she began to form a style and learn what she liked and did not like. She knew that her bold choice wouldn’t be for everyone, yet she still managed to create a style that she found alluring.

In 2004, she decided to put some samples of her creations on eBay. Through their online marketplace, she was able to share her lipsticks and eyeshadows with the world. She has always been a fan of glitter shades. There is something about that extra sparkle in the eye area that gives her whole face aglow. She had no clue how much people would love her products. Her store did really well online for over four years. In 2008, she knew it was time to sell her products through e-commerce.

Deere talked about how much she loves using e-commerce rather than a brick-and-mortar establishment. Any new products, like her velveteen lipsticks, can be introduced to everyone at the same time. Being online allows her to operate her company with low overhead. There’re no physical locations that require her immediate attention. She runs everything from her central Los Angeles office. Known as an innovator, Deere is one passionate lady. She knows the ups and downs of running a business, yet she stays in the game no matter how hard it may be.

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  1. Whyte says:

    In NYC, you don’t have to follow the path often traveled. So, she learned how to be a trendsetter in one of the fashion capitals of the world. In case there are somethings that are not real, someone can use to complement those.

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