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Twenty Three Layers Takes the Most Unique Approach to Party Planning; Lauren Conrad Takes Notice

There is always an occasion deserving of a party, which keeps esteemed event planners in NYC incredibly busy. Twenty Three Layers, for example, is a party planning company in NYC that plans unforgettable events deserving of recognition. With countless testimonies in favor of the company, their area of expertise covers everything from children’s parties to posh corporate events. Their sturdy relationships with the owners of heavily sought-after venues makes them not only a desirable company to work with but one who is allowed to boast from time to time.

Perhaps what sets this company apart from competitors, though, is the energy found in their staff members. With personalities perfect for parties, the staff has eyes for detail and an ability to know clients on a personal basis that will make for a unique event that no other will be able to match. Their seasonal adaptations punctuate each event with natural elements that further solidify the detail found during these occasions. With so many elements strengthening this company, it is no surprise that they have earned the recognition from other esteemed planners and celebrity personalities, including Lauren Conrad.

As Lauren took a break from the fashion industry, she decided that it was time for her and her husband, William, to go into business together planning parties. Though they healthily agree to disagree from time to time, they compromise while following some important party planning tips. Whether it is delivering the promise to make their guests feel comfortable by not going out of their way to match a farfetched theme to paying attention to simple details, the husband and wife team ensure that party planning is stress-free like it should be. With easy themes, creative ideas, and an emphasis on their personalities, the party planning duo has been pleasing their guests during every special time of the year since their wedding. Above all else, though, the importance of the host having as much fun as the guests is especially emphasized and followed through by this well-known pair.

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