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Fashion: Self Expression and Athletics

There is a lot of awkwardness when it comes to fashion for some people. For one thing, a lot of people love well dressed people. However, they can find it intimidating to find some clothes that look good on them. Then there is the category of clothing. While many other categories of clothing allow for stylishness and uniqueness, athletic clothing seems to offer no room for uniqueness. This is where Kate Hudson has dropped in and made some changes to the athletic clothing of Fabletics. She has brought more attention to the style of clothing called “athleisure” clothing. Kate Hudson has made such an impact in the industry that she has gone on interviews including the one on Marie Claire Magazine.

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Kate Hudson has talked about her store Fabletics among other topics. Fabletics is a division of JustFab that carries athletic clothing that is unique from other stores. Fabletics is filled with many unique pieces of clothing that women can look at in order to find something that they will enjoy. Women will be able to put together outfits that are well fitted and high in fabric quality. They will be able to do exercises in a better manner. A Foodie Stays Fit says their clothes will also help improve the self esteem of the customer because she will feel better about her sense of style.

While Kate Hudson does admit that some of Fabletics clothes are not good for light exercises and going on hikes, they do bring a new spin to athletic clothing. For one thing, these types of clothes are something that one could wear on a night out as well as during a work out. Kate Hudson is not just a celebrity. She is also someone who is known for putting together stylish outfits. She knows not to get too caught up on trends and focus on her foundation which will help her put together a timeless look that she can be satisfied with.

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