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WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner- From Fine and Dry to Shiny and Thick

Do you have been dry and unmanageable hair? If so perhaps you should try the cleansing conditioner offered by Wen by Chaz. This cleansing conditioner was recently reviewed by a beauty fanatic named Emily McClure. Emily had heard many good and bad things from people that had utilized this product and decided to try the sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner for herself. She shared her experience in an article on outlining the changes that she saw day by day when utilizing this product. Emily noted during the very first use that her hair already felt thicker. After a few days use the volume and manageability of her hair became very evident. She even started to receive compliments from her friends about how shiny and full her hair appeared. Overall Emily was very satisfied with the results of the cleansing conditioner as long as she utilized it prior to styling her hair. You can see Emily’s full review of this product over the course of 7 days in the original article on

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WEN by Chaz Dean is a line of hair care products designed to naturally repair, cleanse and boost the health of your hair. All of the products in the product line of WEN by Chaz are made utilizing natural ingredients and botanical extracts such as sweet almond mint and cherry wood bark. WEN by Chaz offers products for cleansing, styling, and treating your hair naturally. You can obtain the WEN by Chaz products in 3 different kits. The deluxe kit contains all five of their natural hair products. The basic kit includes three basic hair products and the travel kit for on the go. The special formulated products offered in this line of hair care products are designed to leave your hair looking and feeling softer than ever before.


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