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Brian Bonar – Who’s Who Registry Inductee Continues to Add to Resume

It is a great honor for anyone to be chosen for inclusion into the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. Only a limited amount of people are chosen each year to be added to the professional database. In order to be considered each individual must have proven themselves to be leaders and have achieved significant accomplishments within their industry. In 2000 the announcement was made that Brian Bonar would be one of those inductees.

Brian Bonar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He worked with a number of notable companies to expand his experience prior to starting his own company.

Eventually he became Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he was employed at the time of his acceptance into the Registry. During his time at this corporation he used his strengths in mergers and acquisitions and finding financial solutions for corporations of all sizes. Learn more about Brian Bonar: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial and Brian Bonar –

He is currently employed by Trucept International. During his employment with this company he has held the titles of Secretary, Treasurer, CEO and CFO. He is currently President and Chairman of the Board at this corporation. Trucept International was designed to assist small to medium sized businesses by performing tasks and offering staffing services.

Brian Bonar has relied on his over 30 years of experience and his broad range of education and training to find creative solutions for every company they served.

In addition to his professional career Bonar is also involved in numerous boards and committees within the financial industry and is affiliated with the American Finance Association.

Bonar often works with multiple organizations and is frequently employed by several corporations at once because of his energetic and determined personality.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:

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