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Expertise and Talent Helps Madison Street Capital Stand Above The Industry Competition

Their most recent hedge fund industry overview revealed that the company successfully closed 42 hedge fund deals over the course of 2015. This was a 27% increase from the year before, with a total of 32 deals closed globally. Madison Capital reported that the overall performance of hedge fund strategies were lacking for the year, but due to their increase in transaction volume and the large increase in transactions late in the year, the chances 2016 is the best year yet for hedge funds looks promising.

Regardless of the ups and downs relating to performance in hedge funds over the year, the total number of potential investors looking to move on to asset managers has continued to grow because of the need for higher returns annually. Small hedge managers as well as new hedge fund firms in the industry are aware of the difficulty obtaining business when working under the needed standards. Over the years, businesses costs to function continues to increases, while the demand for cheaper fees continues to rise. This causes hedge fund managers to look for better alternatives.

Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director for the company said that he believed that the deal environments for relating hedge fund markets were strong and they will be even stronger over 2016.

Madison Street Capital is currently an international leader in investment banking and financial management. Founded in 2005 and located in Chicago, Illinois, the company has since expanding with locations spreading into Asia and Africa. Services included by Madison Capital are mergers and acquisitions, financial management, financial guidance, and business valuation for companies as well as individuals, private or public. The firm currently holds more than 100 unique deals under exclusive contracts for a variety of business and corporations around the world.

The highly experienced and knowledgeable staff working behind Madison Street Capital have been building strong partnerships with their clients for years. The experience they have obtained within the industry is invaluable and has succeeded in helping clients across many industries with careful analysis and recommendations. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Madison Capital does not hesitate to inform every client with the information they need to know what drives their business and how they can achieve their dreams.

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