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Wen by Chaz Dean: Transforming Your Tresses

In an article featured on Guthy-Renker, a young woman decides to try out a highly buzzed about hair product. Wen was created by A list celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, who was looking to create a product that could transform your hair into much healthier, softer and easier to manage hair. The woman decides to try it out for a week and tell her viewers how it goes.
On the first day alone, she can feel a difference in volume. And as the days progress, she notices how soft her hair suddenly feels. With normally thin hair, she was hoping to reduce styling time and increase volume. By the end of the experiment, she was pleased with her results. She did note however, that using it in the morning before your day begins is best. It is not meant to be slept on, for it can cause some oily or greasy tresses. When you style it and proceed with your day, your hair will be at it best and look it’s best. To read more about th experiment, go to the article page:

If you haven’t heard of WEN products before, you’re in for a real treat. The cleansing conditioner used in this seven day trial is a shampoo, conditioner and styling product all in one. Talk about time management! And the best part is, there’s a variety for every type of hair! So whatever result you’re searching for, you can find it in a bottle of Wen. If you’re looking for a complete healthy transformation for your tresses, Wen can provide that for you.

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