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Premium Dog Food is Now over Half of the Market

Premium dog food is all the rage in the dog food industry today. In Bethleham, Pennyslvania at the Freshpet plant, the manufacturing chef tests the quality of the dog food that they sell personally. This ensures that it is human grade. They are obsessed with quality, and will go the distance to ensure that your dog can taste the difference.
Freshpet is not the only company that is supplying dogs with only quality pet food. Canine food company Beneful, also makes premium dog food products. They use only real ingredients in their dog food. Some of the ingredients that you can physically see inside the wet food varieties are, carrots, salmon, beef, peas and barley.

That is not all they offer. They make treats ( called Incredibites. This is the same quality ingredients that is in the wet food with the real meat mixed in. It is just a dry variety that benefits your dogs teeth and gums because they have to chew it.

It used to be only the smaller companies that made grain free and human grade dog food, but now the big companies must compete with the demand for quality pet food. On the shelves at your local grocery store there is now dozens of varieties for you to choose from.

They are finding that unique proteins help dogs with allergies.they use catchy names like Game Bird and Pacific Catch.

There is also a market for senior foods and weight-loss foods. PurinaStore also makes a line called Bright Minds, which is targeted for seniors. They use a fat made from coconut oil, so that is it is easier for it to digest.

The next time that you go to the grocery store or your local Walmart or Target, look around at the options available to you. Treat your dog to something much better for him to show him that you care. You can even get healthier made snacks these days than the regular rawhide. It is worth the investment.

  1. Emmalyn Ronin says:

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