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Family History Shapes The View Of Socialism For Thor Halvorssen

The life of Thor Halvorssen may now seem as though the Hollywood film producer has every opportunity to live the perfect life, but the future of the world also weighs heavily on the mind of the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The expert in human rights and various political ideologies recently appeared on Fox Business with host Trish Regan to explain his view of socialism in the wake of the rise of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Socialism is a political ideology Halvorssen has personal experience of living and working under in his native Venezuela in both its successful and unsuccessful forms; Halvorssen revealed the people of Venezuela had followed the lead of many European countries by electing left leaning governments with socialist beliefs who worked for the good of the nation. During this time Thor Halvorssen’s father had risen to diplomatic level within government circles, but saw his own position threatened when a new breed of socialist leaders made their way to power. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned and tortured by socialist leaders whose position on policies he did not agree with; Halvorssen’s mother was also stripped of her human rights when she was shot during a political rally supporting opposition parties.

The personal history of Thor Halvorssen has shaped his view of the world, but the pragmatic organizer of the Oslo Freedom Forum has not allowed bad experiences to affect his views on the U.S. political scene. Halvorssen explained to Trish Regan that he had decided to give his monetary support to Independent Senator Bernie Sanders who describes himself as a Democratic Socialist; Halvorssen believes Sanders is closer in style and beliefs to European based socialist officials who combine their ideology with more centrally located political policies to provide a stable society for their people. Among those who Halvorssen stated he would have difficulty voting for were former First Lady Hilary Clinton and Republican candidates who have used racially irresponsible rhetoric during their election campaigns.

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