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SKOUT Advises That Laughter Attracts Others

The Power of Laughter

Over the years, many observers have praised the power of friendly laughter as a means of improving health and cultivating a happier lifestyle. The late comic Milton Berle described the process of laughing as “an instant vacation”. Charlie Chaplin, one of the most famous actors in the early years of Hollywood, described any day without laughter as “wasted”. With many people already convinced that gentle humor contributes great value to life, the results of a recent study conducted by the developers of the social app, SKOUT, confirm the importance of laughter in most people’s daily existence.

SKOUT’s Survey

SKOUT recently completed a survey of 3,000 customers, asking them questions about their views. Chief Executive Officer, Christian Wiklund, reported that his firm’s survey confirmed what many experts already suspected: laughter in social media helps people cultivate new friendships.

How important does laughter become? SKOUT’s research revealed individuals who publish photos of themselves laughing receive up to 404% more profile visits. They establish new connections 324% of the time more often than typical SKOUT users. Publishing photos of yourself laughing may help you win more friends on the SKOUT platform.

National Humor Month

SKOUT disclosed that the company conducted its survey in honor of National Humor Month. Its results indicated that three quarters of people consider themselves funny, and a full 94% derive pleasure from causing others to laugh.

People who described their sense of humor as “self-deprecating” or “sarcastic” typically formed fewer friendships on the social media platform than those displaying a “bathroom” or “practical joke” style of humor. Some 30% of the online customers responding to the survey confessed to a fear of clowns.

Film Viewing Habits

SKOUT’s survey also delved briefly into the film viewing preferences of customers. Among men, 43% of the respondents to the survey chose to watch action/adventure films as a first choice. Slightly over one in five men, 21%, considered comedy a favorite genre.

Women who use SKOUT, by contrast, tended to reflect the popularity of an array of different popular film genres today. Slightly over one out of every four women selected comedy as a favorite type of movie. However, 23% chose action/adventure films, 18% preferred romances and 21% selected horror films as a preferred movie genre.

Some material reported here originally appeared online in an article dated April 1, 2016 discussing SKOUT’s survey results in depth.

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