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Say “I DO” to Stress Free Wedding Planning

It is officially wedding season, but it seems that wedding season has become a year around affair in today’s world. The wedding industry is booming, and as a result improving with wistful new ideas and technologies for the modern couple. Almost all wedding needs can be searched, downloaded, or ordered online with the click of a button. From wedding websites to online gift registries, technology is literally changing the way couples say “I do”. With all of these new technologies, it can be overwhelming for brides to pick and choose options for their perfect day. Once they do choose how can they find the perfect selection that took them months to decide upon. Slyce Technologies has the answer for brides and grooms to be!

Slyce Technologies, located in Toronto, On, Canada develop technology products that are quickly becoming the main player in the new world of visual web. Currently serving the consumers with fortune 1000 brands, it comes as no surprise that Slyce Technologies has created a substantial reputation for it’s self and technology. Slyce is leading the market in technology for retailers that enables the retailer’s smart phone apps to recognize products for instant purchase. Users simply take an image of the product with their smart one, and the advanced image recognition created by Slyce accurately determines and finds matches of the product. Imagine a bride seeing a specific set of china she loves at a friends house, by snapping the image and using Slyce’s image recognition technology the app would return brand, price, and location for purchase.

Recently, the Huffpost Business, posted an article detailing how the wedding industry has changed over the years and what they predict the future to hold. Wedding Registries, attire, and websites were amongst the favorites of todays brides. Brides and guests once had to go in-store to create or purchase gift on a wedding registry. Today’s bride and groom can sit comfortably in their living room, and make all selections with the click of a mouse on retail websites. How are guests to find these online lists? By visiting the couples online wedding website, guest are presented with quick links that direct them to select and purchase items from retailers. Even wedding attire has moved to the online world! Brides can select and order bridesmaids dresses with ease from unlimited vendors. By putting the new app technology into the retail world of weddings, a modern bride can snap and search her way through wedding planning stress free. No need for a bridezilla when Slyce Technologies is involved. Incorporating the new image recognizing technology into the whimsical world of wedding planning could prove to change the way modern couples prepare for their big day.

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