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New App for iPhone and Android

In a bulletin from PRNewswire services, the announcement was made that Securus Technologies has developed a mobile phone application for making and receiving video inmate phone calls between prisoners and friends and their family. This new technology will serve to replace face to face meetings between prisoners incarcerated and their visitors, This system, made possible by Securus Technologies, greatly enhances and simplifies communication between family and friends of inmates jailed in state, local and federal prison facilities. This app will not apply to the average cell phone user, but for loved ones of those incarcerated it is a vital, visual link and a way to maintain bonds, which have been placed under heavy stress by the existing situation of having a loved one in jail. This app is available for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones®, iPads® and iPod touches® devices.
This cell phone application is a time and money saving alternative to having to drive to the prison facility and wait in line for an appointment. It is a way to remove some of the already immense stress placed on the family and friends of persons incarcerated anywhere in the United States of America. The application enables the friend or family member to view and talk with the specific person incarcerated in real time.

Once the Securus application has been downloaded to the cell phone and an account has been set up, the user opens the app and clicks the schedule function for a video visit with the specific prisoner. This is a great time saver and money saver for those friends and family members, who have been stressed out by the situation and want to keep contact in a warm and friendly manner. This more comfortable visiting situation creates an atmosphere similar to speaking with the incarcerated person if he was at home visiting, instead of doing time at the hoosegow.

Securus has answered a need with a product of great help and value for both prisoner and their family and friends. The application does a further service by connecting the inmate with another friendlier environment, instead of his being a denizen of the depravity of most prison systems. For anyone in the unfortunate position of answering for their misdeeds this is, truly, beneficial and may make the return to the real world that much easier, quicker and, even, for the interred making him better prepared for the future.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health product Securus nor the site Securus America that specializes in connecting agencies.

Securus House is another site that often is mistaken as Securus Technologies, but this site offers refuge to victims of domestic violence and is an important resource for many people.

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