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Lime Crime Cosmetics Especially Designed For Creative Women

Doe Deere is the pastel haired founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. She is the brains behind all the whimsical colors that millions of women simply love. Women turn to Lime Crime cosmetics when they want to pamper themselves and to establish a look that is their own. Lime Crime produces high quality cosmetics that are getting rave reviews from their customers. One of their most popular lines is the Velvetines Line. Women across the Internet are flocking to the Lime Crime site to get the latest colors before they sell out. Lime Crime cosmetics are definitely for the woman that defies traditional makeup.

Popular Trends
Women are totally obsessed with the Velvetine collection. Their colors are bold and very exciting. Women find the collection is very high quality and that the colors stay with you the entire day. The colors are very long lasting and the colors simply pop. Women are assured that they will continue to look fabulous throughout the day. Colors like Red Velvet, Cashmere, Wicked, Jinx, and Black Velvet are sure to get your attention. Lime Crime also produces a fabulous line of eye shadows that include the Venus Eyeshadow Palette. The fabulous bold colors are perfect for the woman that likes to create her own unique style.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime was established by founder, Doe Deere, back in 2008 according to Facebook. Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, the future Lime Crime CEO, grew up in New York City. Living in such a vibrant city, filled with bright lights and colors, inspired Doe Deere early on. She quickly developed a love and fascination for vibrant colors. Clearly, this is a part of the fabric of her makeup and her being. Today, people are discovering that Lime Crime is a unique makeup line that allows them to show their creative side. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are a great influence in the beauty community and it’s evident from UrbanOutfitters selection. Doe Deere believes that anyone can live their dream. Just do not give up. Her dream was to establish a makeup line that was filled with unique and whimsical colors. Today, Deere is successfully living her dream.

  1. Ansley Abdullah says:

    Truly some of the people who are willing to join the Lime Crime fashion may not really be fascinated by the persons involved. But superior papers reviews could have made them to decide to follow the trend and that is important. I think that makeup line is doing very well in the growth in what the trend is important to promote.