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George Soros Raises Eyebrows with GOP Donation

The Political Insider has revealed some of the most intriguing political donations made during the 2016 Presidential election cycle were those made on behalf of liberal hedge fund billionaire George Soros. Throughout recent history according to, Soros has made major contributions to the political funds of leading Democrats, but his latest donations have shocked many as they were provided for Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich; two leading figures in the hedge fund company of George Soros of the Open Society Foundations made the donations on his behalf, which were revealed in paperwork released by the Federal Elections Commission.
George Soros has made a major return to political funding in the 2016 Presidential election cycle after sitting out the majority of the 2012 campaign of President Barrack Obama. Soros is believed to have formed a close relationship with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as she seeks to become the first female U.S. President; the campaign of Clinton has been backed with around $8 million provided by Soros for Clinton supporting Super PAC’s.

During the 2016 Presidential election NY books reported on nominations cycle George Soros has been a major critic of Republican candidate Donald Trump, who looks on course to be named as the Republican candidate for the 2016 general election. George Soros has been reported by Latino FOXNews particularly critical of Trump’s attitude towards closing the borders of the U.S. to people of different faiths; Hungarian born Soros was held as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II before embarking on a journey as a refugee to New York, a series of events that formed his liberal viewpoint towards immigration.

The baking of Ohio Governor Kasich comes after fellow candidate Marco Rubio urged his voters to back the candidate in a bid to take delegates off Donald Trump as he marches towards the GOP nomination. The George Soros backed funding for Kasich’s “New Day For America” Super PAC totals more than $500,000 and is thought to be a bid to halt the march of Trump towards the nomination as Kasich has often been seen as a more centrally positioned candidate for the Republican party.

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