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George Soros Continues Political Giving in 2016

George Soros has continued his return to Presidential election giving with a $5 million donation for a Democrat sponsored program to add 400,000 more Latino and immigrant voters to the 2016 Presidential election campaign. Soros revealed his latest donation to The New York Times in an article about the establishment of the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC, which has the backing of a number of major Democrat donors; the campaign to encourage immigrant voters comes after the Republican supporting Koch Brothers announced the establishment of a rival Super PAC dedicated to adding right wing immigrant voters to the Republican campaign.

The needs of immigrants are close to the heart of George Soros, who was born in Hungary and found himself journeying across Europe as a refugee at the close of World War II. The concern George Soros has for immigrants in the U.S. came to public notice during the 2004 election cycle with his major financial backing of the $200 million campaign to elect Democrat John Kerry over sitting President George W. Bush; although the election was lost Soros went on to help establish the Democracy United group that works with Latino and immigrant groups to protect their rights.

Strategists with the Democrats have recently warned of problems in the November election if the level of apathy shown in primaries is continued during the general election. Despite drawing large crowds to rallies both Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have seen low voter levels as they fight to become the Democrat candidate in the general election; in contrast, Republicans have reported large voter turnout levels as the dominance of Donald Trump continues over the course of the nomination cycle.

George Soros according to New York Times had largely sat out the 2008 and 2012 elections amid reports of a loss of confidence in President Obama, but he still provided a $1 million donation to his 2012 election campaign. The chance to fight the racially charged rhetoric of Donald Trump and his fellow Republican candidates is thought to have played an important role in the reemergence of Soros as a Democrat donor; the call to ban people of the Muslim faith from the U.S. and to deport all undocumented immigrants in the country flies in the face of the views and ideology George Soros has developed throughout his life.

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