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Doe Deere Finds Her Own Sense Of Style

The fashion industry has developed a range of rules over the decades that reflect the sense of style that has been deemed the one we should all look to follow. However, a group of fashionable younger designers are setting out to go their own way in the spirit of punk inspired designers like Vivienne Westwood; one of those who seems to be doing her best to follow in the footsteps of these designers is Doe Deere of the LimeCrime brand. Doe Deere uses many different inspirations to break the traditional rules of fashion many people still follow, including her own queen of the unicorns brand that she uses in her social media and blog posts.

Doe Deere is a fully trained fashion designer who brings together a range of influences from her background in Russia and from her years spent training as a fashion designer in New York City. LimeCrime began life as a fashion line of unique clothing created by Deere herself and sold Online; the launch of the cosmetics line came after Doe Deere struggled to find cosmetics to meet her marketing needs and looked to learn how to create her own line of makeup.

The success of LimeCrime as a makeup brand led to the focus of Doe Deere and her company shifting to cosmetics production; Deere learned as much as possible about creating new types of makeup and still spends much of her day in the laboratory looking to develop new products for her loyal band of followers. Social media is one of the main areas Doe Deere has used to build the number of her followers as she develops as a distinctly 21st century fashion executive.

LimeCrime’s range of cosmetics is a good starting point for the different areas Doe Deere uses to reflect her own individual sense of style. Doe Deere uses bold makeup choices teamed together, which the traditional rules of fashion do not normally allow to be worn at the same time; Deere will often look to team strong eye makeup with bold lip colors for a beautiful sense of style. Other areas that Doe Deere looks to in her bid for her own individual sense of style include the wearing of socks with open toe shoes, and the wearing of bold patterns and textures together in the same outfit.

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