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Major Donation For Hilary Clinton From George Soros

The U.S. political system usually calls for major donations for those who wish to achieve the highest offices in the land, and the same is definitely true of the Presidential election of 2016. Hilary Clinton is taking her second run at the Presidential race and has secured the backing of one of the biggest donors available on the Democratic side of the race, George Soros. According to Politico, George Soros has made three separate donations to Clinton supporting Super PAC’s totaling $8 million as the race to win the nomination for the Democrats enters the first voting stages.
Hilary Clinton is set to benefit from the donations made by Forbes billionaire Soros to her Super PAC’s, which are charged with publicizing the policies and character of their chosen candidate. Early in 2015, Soros made a small entry into the Presidential race with two $1 million donations to the main Super PAC’s supporting Clinton; at the close of the year George Soros jumped into the race with both feet following a $6 million donation to the Priorities USA Super PAC.

Hungarian born George Soros has had his political outlook formed by the experiences he was exposed to as a child, including his incarceration in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. George Soros was classed as a refugee following his release at the end of World War II, which has led to his world view being formed as he tries to bring democracy to every corner of the world. The hedge fund manager saw the fund he established average an annual 20 percent increase in value over the majority of its life to bring Soros a personal fortune rated at more than $23 billion. Clinton and Soros have been drawn together as political allies after Clinton began an open door policy for Soros to discuss policy matters before making his decision about backing the former First Lady’s bid to become the first female President of the U.S.

  1. Parker Zion says:

    This imprints something of an arrival to political giving for Soros after he to a great extent stayed missing from the race in 2012, however made significant battle commitments for applicants from the Democratic Party in 2004 and 2008. This is why the paper writing service did not support the so call political activities of Soros all along.