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Rules and Strict Regulations Make Purina Dog Food Products Top Quality

Every company has a quality of assurance team of investigators. Beneful has this same group of people working towards assuring consumers that the corporation offers quality products for dogs and all other pets.

It only benefits Purina to hire employees who are going to guarantee the quality and safety of all of the products Purina sells to consumers. These particular rules and regulations set up by the Purina Corporation are of the strictest in the pet food industry. This company’s reputation is safe due to the on-site quality assurance laboratories and skilled staff at each facility.

There is a process by which Purina tracks every step in the manufacture of it food products. This system helps the company to follow the natural ingredients received at the plant and onto the finished product and next to retail shelves. Distributors of these raw ingredients must meticulously follow strict regulations. All of the ingredients that go into Beneful products must follow the same strict standards for safety manufacturing and sanitary regulations.

The United States has highly regulated pet food industries that come under the scrutiny of the FDA, and USDA, in addition to specific state rules, regulations, and laws.

Researchers are continuously striving to improve the high quality of food the Purina company sells to assure consumers that the dog foods sold are highly nutritious, completely safe, and healthy for all pets.

Since Purina is a family owned and operated business for many years, this company sets their goals high in the name of quality nutrition in all dog food they manufacture in facilities across the United States in Arizona, Georgia, and Iowa. The constant monitoring for food safety ensures only the best products for your pet.


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