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Bruce Levson – Lifetime Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is literally a serial entrepreneur. He was born in Washington DC and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland where he attended elementary school. Mr.Levenson graduated from law school American University and he also attended Washington University in St. Louis. Bruce Levenson is also a professional journalist. He began his career with a job at the Washington Star publication. In 1977 Mr. Levenson lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland where he and Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communication Group which they originally ran out of Levenson’s apartment. They began by publishing a newsletter named Oil Express. Although express was intended to have the very latest information affecting the oil industry. Soon United Communication Group began acquiring other newsletters and continue to deliver top-notch quality information about the oil industry. Then they launched a series of databases that would be key for any person interested in making calculated decisions. Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) was one of the most successful paid databases for the industry.

United Communications Group sells and leases access to databases on healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology and telecommunications. UCG provides guidance and analysis based on data in the software solutions go to government contractors, telecommunications and defense industries world wide. Bruce Levenson and UGC own GasBuddy a mobile app that helps drivers with locating gas stations and let them find the stations with the lowest prices. GasBuddy has over 40 million downloads.

Bruce Levenson and Mr. Preskowitz also owned the Atlanta thrashers National Hockey League team through a layer of Atlanta Spirit LLC. In 2014 Levenson sold his shares in the ownership group which may of huge profit when the team was sold for well over 725 million dollars. Bruce Levenson is also the director of Techtarget. Techtarget is an online platform that provides targeted technical content for technology buyers.

Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen drafted and then funded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofits Management. The Center is located at the University of Maryland the goal of helping educate and empower the next generation of nonprofit leaders so that they can succeed us the heads of nonprofit organizations. The program ensures that every student graduate University of Maryland stroke to become philanthropists as well. The beauty of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management is that it is meant to induce perpetual philanthropy.



  1. Chanel Callan says:

    Bruce Levenson and his longtime business partner Ed Preskowitz formed what now is Atlanta LLC with the intention of purchasing the MBA basketball sports team the Atlanta Hawks along with Philips Arena. It is likely that do have the support the need from them which is a serious thing.