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A Man Ahead Of His Time

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that specializes in the construction and furniture industry sector. Based out of Sao Paulo, the Eucatex Group has been busy since the mid fifties. The business focused primarily on the production, as well as marketing, of insulating liners created using the fiber of eucalyptus wood.

Since, they have expanded their business quite significantly, and diversified their production fields. Now, Eucatex has evolved into a supplier of industrial sized construction work, packaging, as well as become a contributor to the foreign market via the crafting of plates and floors. They have a complex containing three factories dedicated to paints, plates, and varnishes. Furthermore, they’re flooring sector is located in Botucatu, as well as a Forestry Unit. In 2010, in Sao Paulo, Eucatex erected another industrial site dedicated to producing a variety of Fiberboard designed with different densities.

Perhaps, more importantly, it should be known that Eucatex is well known for their positive environmental practices and their adherence to sustainable development. The Eucatex Group has received the Green Seal, an award presented to them by the Forest Stewardship Council, who help examine the treatment of forests via intensive environmental and economic standards. Eucatex were also the first group of it’s kind to put into practice the first industrial sized recycling line for wood in the whole of South America.

The president of Eucatex is a man named Flavio Maluf. He is not only a wildly successful entrepreneur, but a mechanical engineer and lawyer too. His website indicates that Mr. Maluf is a graduate of the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, or FAAP, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Flavio Maluf has spent time overseas as well, and even studied at the New York University. As far as his work for Eucatex is concerned, he was the catalyst for the modernization of the company’s management practices. Beyond his aptitude in the business arena, Flavio Maluf has never forgotten to give back to his community. Having collaborated with the a multitude of hospitals and having worked with Maternity Idio Carli, Flavio has shown himself to be a competent and dedicated volunteer to those in need.

Flavio Maluf practices what he preaches, and remains a constant inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world. He looks to advise his fellow businessman not hurt him. Flavio Maluf can see the big picture and is a man concerned with sustainability in all areas, and is a trustworthy inspiration to all.  Especially when he advises about the latest goings on with mergers like the big Rubbermaid one currently happening in Brazil. Sometimes Flavio also talks education, commenting on how technology has been changing the face of education for everybody in the world.

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