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Jon Urbana Turns A Blog Into A Work Of Photo Art

Jon Urbana does not produce a verbose blog. He crafts one that is visually appealing on every level. Jon Urbana’s experience as a Villanova lacrosse player and successful entrepreneur has given him unique perspectives on life. A great many of these perspectives come through in his blog, with entries about fine food, art, culture, and other things that also extend to his Tumblr.

Even the minimalist images Urbana shares to Instagram are provocative in their own way. Minimalism was a major art movement in decades past and the themes of this movement are found in brilliant photos such as the “First Raspberry of the Summer.” The brilliant close-up captures the reddish-purple raspberry in all its natural world glory.

Urbana is a fan of fine foods. He enjoys healthy gourmet food and his posting of a picture of carrot and squash soup is sure to have those who love healthy soup headed to the store to buy the ingredients to make their own. He says in a Facebook bio that he drinks plenty of soup while working at Ellipse USA. The bright colors in the image at Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe headquarters really bring out the natural goodness of the mountains. So does his snapshot of this beautiful lion below.

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There is never going to be a shortage of outstanding food pics on Urbana’s Twitter account if you don’t have time to read his blog. The image of a burger with avocado is an example of a simple meal that has health benefits. As long as the burger is lean and cooked properly, the meat provides an outstanding source of protein. Avocado definitely is packed with vitamins and other nutrients. For camp owners like Jon Urbana, this burger could be great for recovery after a hard workout from his summer lacrosse sessions with his campers.

Urbana makes music and is one of today’s great artists. Like many others, he laments the passing of the great David Bowie. Bowie was more than a singer, he was a true artist. Urbana’s Medium blog is a great forum for art so Bowie’s presence here is most fitting.

And for further imagery of the art of the natural world, look at the visually-cathartic photo “Desert“.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

  1. Michael Whyte says:

    The lighting in this particular photo does an amazing job of bringing out the colors in a desert landscape. The specific blog entry links to a story about Bowie’s Chicago connection and it is worth examining. These things could make rescind on their decision to make all these things equal to them all.