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The Amazing New Visual Search Of Slyce

Shopping is something that is becoming easier and easier every year. Online shopping is making it so much more convenient for shoppers to get exactly the type of product that they are looking for at very affordable prices. Artificial Intelligence has paired with visual search to take the convenience of shopping to a whole new level. Imagine a world where you could take a picture of a dress on your friend and be taken right to that dress on an online store. This is the world that is being created today with the combination of artificial intelligence and visual search. MIT Technology Review has reported that Pintrest has started to use this technology to further the use of their app and website.

Slyce is a company that is really taking this image recognition technology to the marketplace. They are creating a great streamlined way for customers to find exactly what they want and immediately purchase this product. This can be done in everyday life which makes creating the perfect lifestyle extremely easy to do. How many times have you had the idea to get that same hat or bracelet that your friend is wearing only to forget later on about the notion at all. With Slyce, consumers will be able to tap into this intuition and purchase the right products at the right times.

The future seems very bright for Slyce as their financial and technological opportunities only seem to continue to grow as time goes on.

  1. Michael Whyte says:

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