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Mighty Fortress Church, A Good Place To Worship God

Mighty Fortress church is a fantastic place to worship God. The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been in the field of ministry for more than 30 years. He is the founder and the president of Mighty Fortress Church. His church is known for giving Christians of his congregation empowerment and encouragement. Bishop Thomas Williams is happily married with children. He really believes in spending a lot of time in the community, with family, with God, and within the church.

Mighty Fortress Church is a great church to be very active with. They have many different support and outreach groups that members and guest are more than welcomed to join. Mighty Fortress Church has a band and a choir that members are also welcomed to join. Mighty Fortress Church give their members different ways to be proactive in their spiritual lives. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church is also very diverse. They are many people who attend Mighty Fortress church who have different social backgrounds, different ethnicity backgrounds, different genders, and different political backgrounds as well. Everyone is welcome to attend, Mighty Fortress Church does not discriminate and neither does God!

All members are also welcomed to come dressed as they are. This means members are welcomed to come in jeans, skirts, dresses, business suits, or even jogging suits. Mighty Fortress Church does not judge any one. Everyone is welcomed to come and give praise to God no matter how or what you may be dressed in. Visit to know more.

Your life will change for the good after attending Mighty Fortress Church. Many people can testify that Bishop Thomas Williams genuinely helps them get closer with God. The main goal of the goal is to build the faith of members while helping them live a life that is full of Christ, and that is exactly what they do.

It is guaranteed that you won’t regret attending Mighty Fortress Church. All guest are welcomed to attend church service at anytime. Members of Mighty Fortress Church will welcome you with welcome arms. Mighty Fortress Church is truly one of a kind!


Aloha Construction Brings Roofing and Siding Solutions To American Homes

When it comes to the overall care of a home, the two biggest considerations are the roofing and the siding. In fact, a poor roof or home siding can spell disaster for a home. And no one knows this better than a good exterior home contractor. For Aloha Construction, giving homeowners peace of mind is a top priority.

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction is one of the premier roofing and siding construction companies in the United States. The company uses a strict 9-step inspection process to identify issues with a homeowner’s roof. That ensures that the homeowner knows exactly what issues he or she needs to address.

The 9 step inspection process thoroughly checks everything from the possible damage to any shingles to attic ventilation and flashing. The project team can then find a solution to the client’s roofing needs complete with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty.

Speaking of craftsmanship, no one holds their licensed and bonded roofers and siding contractors to a higher standard than Aloha Construction. In fact, before any employee can work on a client’s project, the employee must complete a rigorous home improvement training course from the Vinyl Siding Institute. Once an employee becomes a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer, then they can work on a client’s project.

Another area of expertise is the company’s ability to protect a client’s home with a professional gutter and downspout installation system. Since the management of rainfall is critical to the exterior of a home, the company’s expert inspectors and contractors will help a client’s home stand up to the heaviest of rainfall seasons.

Since quality construction projects are a premium investment in the long-term durability of a home, Aloha Construction can provide a financial solution in case there is a care with any insurance company claim. Though a partnership with Synchrony Financial, homeowners can rest assured that they can find suitable financial options to get their project completed. Aloha Construction has helped thousands of homeowners protect and restore their greatest asset. As a top roofing and siding expert, the contractors, inspectors, and experts at Aloha Construction are ready to tackle any project, big or small.

Interested In Investing In Bitcoin? Paul Mampilly May Change Your Mind

When people want advice about how to setup their own stock investing or trading accounts, Paul Mampilly is one man who is often solicited. Mampilly learned how to become quite adept at stock investing from his college days and from his experience in several of Manhattan’s biggest banks. But he left that scene and decided to start writing his own newsletters on investing so that people who didn’t have the usual Wall Street knowledge could learn it. Mampilly has focused on a lot of new apps and technology in his newsletters, and he also has new advice for investors about Bitcoin.

Paul Mampilly says Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are great developments because with most paper currencies being subject to volatile interest rates, Bitcoin is one way you can protect your savings. However, Mampilly says he is suggesting avoiding investing in Bitcoin because right now it’s prices have grown tremendously high. What he says is happening is a bubble effect on Bitcoin that’s similar to what was seen with dot-com stocks in 1999 and then the housing market in 2008, and Bitcoin is experiencing such a popularity boom that usually follows a crash afterward. Mampilly says the crash won’t be sudden, but within the next year Bitcoin could decrease in price by as much as 80%. Mampilly mentioned that there’s another digital currency out there investors should invest in and he shares that information only in his subscription newsletter.

Paul Mampilly’s personal history goes back to Dubai where his father had moved to to get a better job than what was available in India, and because of the better pay his father was able to send him to the US to go to Montclair State University where Mampilly got his bachelor’s in accounting and finance. Mampilly started out as a portfolio research assistant but quickly caught onto investment strategies that he soon was getting pay raises at each large bank that hired him.

The height of Paul Mampilly’s Wall Street career came when he made investments for clients at Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund that was highly touted by Barron’s because of what Mampilly accomplished there. He also earned recognition from the Templeton Foundation for being able to turn one of their investments into a 76% gain. Mampilly began his first newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing just two years ago, and as word of mouth spread about the success his followers were having investing, that followers list grew to 60,000 almost overnight.

About Paul Mampilly:

Is OSI Group The Worldwide Leader in Custon Foods?

Custom foods have taken over the game. These products are used across a wide playing field that includes schools, businesses, supermarkets and other retailors. Just about every continent besides Antarctica has at least one food supplier. The United States is home to one of the very best, and it’s headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSIGroup is its name and creating custom food solutions its game. The company’s staff is highly-educated, and it’s highly-qualified. These professionals work together as one cohesive unit to get the job done. Global food knowledge and real-world tastes go hand-to-hand and this team of food engineers is the epitome of excellence.

What exactly does OSI Group produce? The answer is very simple. OSI Group can produce the very best in terms of Flatbreads, panini, cooked sausage links, pulled pork, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, cookies, pies, soups, beef patties, chili, meatballs, tofu, pork products, cheese, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, turkey products and many more. The sky is the limit with extraordinary company. OSI Group can also prepare the foods in a number of original ways such as:

• Marination
• Batter & Breading
• Hot Oil Frying
• Spiral Steam
• Searing
• Char-Marking
• And other ways

What more could you ever ask? This only scratches the surface of what this brilliant company can do. On top of that, OSI has a high-capacity productionline inHungary, which costs $25 million. Over 22,000 tons of chicken can be processed here, which has tripled the company’s production capacity. To add a bit of insult to injury, OSI has grown to be the largest poultry producer in China. In China’s Shandong Province, the company has a top-notchfeedmill that can process over600,000 metric-tons of feed. No other food supplier can duplicate these actions. All in all, OSI Group is basically raising the bar higher thanks to its capabilities, and it’s changing the status quo.

OSI Group’s Facebook Page:

George Soros reaffirms commitment to the human rights cause with an $18 billion donation

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an article breaking down the details of reports about Mr. George Soros’ surprising donation of $18 billion to a charity organization. This shows the level of commitment the hedge fund manager and billionaire has dedicated to improve our societies and make the world a better place. The beneficiary of the donation is the Open Society Foundations which has been in the forefront all around the world in assisting and promoting groups that advocate for social justice and better governance. The philanthropic gesture from Mr. George Soros will go down in history as one of the largest donations of our time making Open Society Foundations one of the biggest charity organizations all around the world.

For more than 3 decades Open Society has been making rounds all across the world defending human rights and democracy. With local operations in over 120 countries, Open Society Foundations has been spearheading advocacy for the rights of the minority groups such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender commonly referred to as the LGBT community, fighting for civil rights especially against authoritarian regimes that crack down on the opposition or even despotic governments that use their armed instruments such as the military and the police against its own citizenry. Open Society Foundations not only deals with human rights but has also been involved in several altruistic acts as well including funding the building and setting up one of the facilities in the Roma Art and Culture in 2014 which showed the amount of respect the organization accords the different cultures and setups found in different parts of the world. In the same year, Open Society Foundations set up treatment centers for people who had come down with Ebola during the outbreak.

With all the good that Mr. George Soros has been doing all across the world, some individuals have been on the other hand trying to demean his work by coming up with ludicrous conspiracy theories against his works of philanthropy which has seen many people question of the underlying motives of these people. Could the fundamental capitalists be fighting back as society is appreciating the works of philanthropy more and more? Is it the immense success he has had in the business world that could be haunting him? (Not everyone loves a person who has managed to be as successful as Mr. Soros) In an article carried by the Atlantic with the title “George Soros and The Demonization of Philanthropy” the writer dives in deep to expose the contradiction that people can question the motives of activities that can be widely seen as acceptable to all begging the question whether it is Mr. George Soros they have a problem with or Philanthropy at large.

Considering that Mr. Soros was born and bred in a Nazi-occupied Hungary for the most part of his younger years, his resolve and spirit to fight for human rights and promote democracy can and will never be broken. Mr. Soros moved to the UK and later to the US where he made his fortune.


A Foray into the Future: a Discussion of Jason Hopes New E-Book on IoT

After the introduction of mobile technology, the world will never be the same. Handheld devices and internet connections are vital to everyday life. They are used for socialization, education, and even business on a massive scale. Jason Hope is an expert in his field and a very skilled futurist. He has seen the growth in the technological field and believes that the Internet of Things, or IoT, will become very important in the future. He discusses this concept in a recent e-book.

His e-book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” highlights how important and beneficial the IoT network is in modern society. IoT is so important to everyone, he even discusses implications of harsh IoT regulations or enforcement that could harm growth. This e-book, available on, was written with the intent of teaching users about IoT and how to use their IoT devices while helping them maintain their own personal security along the way.

When people hear the phrase “Internet of Things”, they sometimes get confused by the notion. The IoT is best understood as the network that all digital devices use to communicate with each other all over the world. This, of course, includes computers, cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Users might also be interested to know that heart monitors and biochips are also in that category because they transmit data. IoT devices are always embedded with technology that will allow them to communicate on the IoT network.

With an estimated market value of $7.1 trillion by 2020, the IoT is going to be very important to the future. As the years go by, increasingly more devices will be added to the network. Communication will become more reliant on IoT. Hope knows that it is important for users to master the IoT network now while it’s growing.

Hope has proven himself to be an expert in his field. On top of his successful business ventures and a substantial portfolio of companies, he also holds an MBA from Arizona State University. He has used his knowledge to consistently anticipate the technology market and successfully invest in upcoming projects. His new e-book is an attempt on his part to help his readers prepare for a more IoT dominated future so that they can navigate it confidently. Hope sees the future and he wants to guide his readers into it with very useful and innovative information.

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Rocketship Education gives Poor Communities More Educational Advantages

Rocketship Education Charter Schools makes learning better for people within low-income neighborhoods. When a Rocketship institution has been established within a community, the residents there can provide their children with greater educational opportunities. This is important for low-income residents since they typically do not have the money or resources to send their children to better schools.

Why are so many schools within low income neighborhoods so bad? Well, a lot of it has to do with funding. Lower-income neighborhoods have less funding than nicer communities. The reason being is that property taxes are lower. This in turn generates less money than more affluent communities. As a result, schools within lower-income neighborhoods have less money to spend on educating their students.

Also, schools in poorer communities usually lack enough staff to help students to be successful. They might not have enough tutors to give children added instruction or enough teachers to convey the curriculum. Computer technology is extremely important in the digital age of learning. However, poorer schools might have limited technology (or none at all) for their students.

Extracurricular activities are typically not available at low-income schools. Also, poorer schools typically do not have parental involvement. Many people within poorer communities do not value an education. Since they don’t, chances are they are not going to get involved with their child’s learning process. Other common issues within low-income schools include a large amount of behavior problems and poor student performance on testing.

Rocketship Education founders John Danner and Preston Smith both understand the importance of a good education. They know that kids need it to maximize their life potential. While some people can and do live a successful life without the aid of a good education, they are the exception to the rule. The fact is that most people will not be successful in life without a good education.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools has a great foundation. Their students excel with learning and this organization proves that some low-income parents do value good things in life. Rocketship Education has schools located all over the country and are expected to open more institutions in the coming years. Their success rate in low-income neighborhoods cannot be easily ignored. These schools provide a good advantage to low-income communities wherever they are planted.

Rocketship Education And The Power Of Parents

Although it doesn’t take much thinking to validate this sentiment, parents play an integral role in the performance of children in all levels of education, especially in grades K-5, when kids’ brains are most vulnerable, and also more plastic in terms of learning new processes and facts than ever before.

In February of 2017, a flood struck the San Jose, California, area, leaving many families without homes, cars, and other necessities for staying alive. Rather than turning its back on families, Rocketship Education was able to raise more than $62,000 with the help of nearby Catholic churches, in turn funneling all money raised to about 30 families living in San Jose that had lost everything, or at least most of their belongings.

One of these families had a child that was attending Rocketship Education at the time. The child’s name, Dulce, reported that “My family is so thankful for the support we received from everyone at Rocketship [Education].”

Thanks to such support, parents were able to play the necessary role they’re supposed to in facilitating their proper education.

Parents are also a big deal in interviewing potential teachers for employment. Rocketship Education is able to both save money and more thoroughly screen applicants, as parents typically try harder than anybody to secure quality teachers for their kids.

Rocketship Education’s Introduction 101

John Danner and Preston Smith joined forces to found Rocketship Education in 2006. The first institution was opened in a tiny church in San Jose in 2007, as the pair didn’t have enough money to build a school, or even rent space to teach children. Palo Alto School District, the high-performing regional school district that the San Jose school was a part of, featured scores just as high as Rocketship Education immediately following its first year of operation.

Ever since, Rocketship Education soared to the proverbial stars and beyond in terms of teaching its kids well and expanding to other locations. Today, the school system has eighteen facilities across the country. It provides top-notch qualities of education to kids mostly coming from low-income environments and households, who normally don’t receive very good educations.

Boraie Development Housing Company

In at least 25 years of the housing market, Atlanta City will experience its first development. This will be through an $ 81 million complex project called The Beach at South Inlet by the Boraie Development LLC. The company will bring up 250 new and modern apartments to the city.

Having a high percent of housing in the city being more than 40 years old, Boraie Development has set to providing new modern housing to the residents. The housing will be designed to suit the modern occupants’ needs such as heath and recreational facilities. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

The president and founder of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has had many achievements in designing and redesigning cities. He has had visions which other people thought that they were impossible. Through his housing redesign, cities have developed and grown in a positive way, with improved security and creation of better housing and office spacing.

One of the major achievements of the Boraie Development Company is the redesigning of Brunswick. It acts as a gateway to creating the next generation office community. Brunswick offers better quality of life to tenants and makes them feel that they deserve a better living from what they earn. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

The project started with buying the old, vacant dilapidated buildings one after the other. He went on until he bought all the 21 of them. After this, Boraie outlined what his plan with the buildings was and to many, it seemed like just a mere and an impossible fantasy. This did not stop him but he went on to build his vision which transformed the area from neglect to being highly demanded for both residential renting and office renting.

Brunswick does not only offer accommodation to employees, but also to campus students. It is designed in an easy to access style. The housing quality in Brunswick can be compared to that of Manhattan and its demand is quite high. For more details visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

The next big project for the company is on Albany Street which is close to the train station. The company plans to have its third commercial site which is targeted to attract biological science firms and innovative tech firms that can benefit from being close to Rutgers.

Omar Boraie is a person that loves giving credit where it is earned. He does not take the entire praise to himself but recognizes the effort and contribution of those that have helped him and his company to succeed. He loves keeping his own life private.


Neurocore’s Incredible Treatments Providing Relief from Mental Illness like Never Before

One of the most debilitating diseases in the world, the second leading cause of death in young people, and the leading cause of disability in ages fifteen to forty-four, Depression affects a major portion of the population. In America, depression is one of the most commonly reported mental illnesses. Depression can occur in anyone at anytime, despite the non-existence of outside factors, though those with recent stressors are more at risk. Often times not obvious to loved ones, and made worse by the fact that two thirds of those suffering from depression do not seek help, the illness can quickly become overwhelming, and can physically effect the body in a variety of ways. However, even the worst depression can be treated, and new technologies being implemented by Neurocore Brain Performance Center, are proving to be able to provide relief for the sufferers of the varying types of depression. Read more about Neurocore at

With revolutionary new treatment methods to identify and address the symptoms and causes of the illness, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is providing relief to those battling depression and a variety of other mental illnesses. The first step in Neurocore’s process is the undergoing of a variety of diagnostic tests, including breathing, heart rate, and brainwave analysis, to get a better understanding of the effected brain. Neurocore then develops and implements a personalized and custom program, based upon the results of the diagnostic testing, to comprehensively assist the brain to process normally and function fully. With a focus on the brain, Neurocore offer a distinct and individualized treatment, that not only minimizes the symptoms of mental illness, but often times provides lasting results.


In a March 2017 study by Elsye K. White, Ph.D, as published in the Journal of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, the technology around which the program was founded has produced a clinically meaningful improvement in a multitude of those treated by Neurocore Brain Performance Center. Neurocore are committed to providing as much information as possible about their program before any decisions are made and offer free monthly luncheons in both the Florida and Michigan areas in which they are based. Admissions to clinical trials in both locations are still available as well. Visit to know more about Neurocore.