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Stone Energy Cooperation’s Merger with Talos Energy Shows A Lot Promise

Stone Energy cooperation has paid much attention to specific deep sea drilling expeditions. The Derbio Well as well as the Mt Providence Well have recently been searched out as part of their programs. The CEO believes that this is the major reason behind the increased cash flows for the company. Their investors get to earn a lot from this success. These exploits come after the merger with Talos Energy that is based in Houston, TX. The merged entity was announced in November 2017 and it will be incharge of all off shore drilling and exploration activities. The board of directors of the two firms agreed on Talos Energy Inc as the banner for the new entity.


In 2017 there was a notable decrease on what was spent on the General, Salaries and Administrative expenses. $54.7 million was used compared to $58.9 million that was spent by the close of 2016. This registered a decrease of 2.55%. This was mainly attributed to the employee reduction as a result of the restructuring that the company had in 2017. The Net Derivative expenses on the other hand were on the rise. Having registered $0.8 million in 2016, they spent well up to $15.2 million in 2017. The 2017-2019 comodity derivative of the company was designated as cash flow hedges owing to a new policy by the firm. This resulted in the exponential growth of the expenses.The Amortization, Depletion and Depreciation costs added up to $133.8 million.The Gathering, processing and transport departments spent the least through the year. Their expenses totalled to $11 million.


The firm has $263.5 million as cash at hand. $87.4 million remains untouched in the circling credit line. Restrictive accounts hold close to $18.7 million that is used to take care of near term operating expenses.

Company Operations

The exploration of the Mt Providence Deep Water Well has unearthed prime quality oil that is close to 153 feet deep. This is far beyond what the explorerers had estimated when they set out into the sea. Natural gas was found in abundance in the Rampart well project. The well had a depth of 107 feet according to reports.

Things You Need to Know about Wes Edens

Wes Edens served in the investment banking sector for many years and later he became a venture capitalist. He founded the Fortress Group in 1998 and he currently serves as its co-chairman and principal. Through the firm, Wes Edens has exercised diversity in its operations with an aim of maximizing its profits. He has seen the firm grow tremendously over the recent years, to offer banking and housing solutions to people in the country. The firm is majorly based on investing in the transport sector, real estate, healthcare sector and it also offers financial solutions to people in the United States.When the renowned investor established Fortress Group, the firm had thirty employees with a capital of $400million. The firm has since then grown and established a strong relationship with other prestigious firms in the country.

Fortress Group now flaunts over 1200 employees with a net capital of over $72billion. Wes Edens has gained a great reputation for his fair leadership and ability to maintain a good relationship with his employees. He has brought his team of workers together to work towards achieving a common goal of the company. His ability to understand them has been perceived to be one of the major reasons that the Fortress Group has risen to the top, as the employees are happy and committed to delivering the best. Additionally, Wes has proved to be a qualified and well-experienced leader, thanks to his ability to fuel growth in every firm that he manages. While taking up the role at BlackRock Asset Investors, he saw the firm increase its profits at a vast rate and it later emerged to be one of the highly ranked private equity funds in the country.

Besides, he also helped the Lehman Brothers firm grow tremendously while he was serving as the managing director.Wes`s victories have associated with his friendly and positive attitude towards life and many people have strived to emulate his steps. His desire to succeed has always been evident in the various interviews that he has attended as he always maintained a close contact and jovial relationship with his followers. Wes Edens is an inspiration to many people and the financial advice that he offers top people have seen a significant number of them develop their money management skills. Wes has also provided people with tips on the most secure ways they can manage their funds to acquire profits through their ventures.

Sheldon Lavin Builds The OSI Group Into A Global Leader

When Sheldon Lavin was in college working on degrees in accounting as well as finance, no one could have anticipated that he would become a leader in the food processing industry. In fact, he spent decades after college working in the banking industry and running an accounting firm. However, in the late 1970s Lavin became involved with a Chicago meat supplier called Otto & Sons. He took control of the company changed its name to the OSI Group and took it on a journey that has led to it becoming a giant in the international food processing industry and one of the top 100 companies in the United States.

Sheldon Lavin was able to turn the Midwestern meat supplier into a global food processing juggernaut because of his vision and business acumen. Once he saw the company’s potential and its penchant and reputation for quality products, he realized there was an opportunity for global expansion. Through acquiring companies like Baho Foods in Holland and Flagship Europe in the United Kingdom and building food processing facilities in China, Brazil, Australia, Hungry, India, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain and many other countries, Lavin now serves a diverse global market.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s guidance, the OSI Group has focused on more than just expanding into new markets. It’s become known for its award-winning environmental management policies and its commitment to creating foods that are delicious and nutritious and are designed to satisfy the desires of people from a wide range of cultures. Sheldon Lavin encourages innovation and pays close attention to the likes, dislikes, needs and preferences of his growing global customer base. He also works closely with governmental agencies and local producers in the countries into which the OSI Group does business to ensure they are in compliance with local laws and working in harmony with the suppliers.

It’s that attention to detail that’s helped Sheldon Lavin to succeed as a businessman. What also makes him unique is his willingness to share his time and resources to help the less fortunate. Lavin has given millions to charitable causes and organizations. His global philanthropic efforts are driven by an understanding the husband and father has that we’re one global family. Lavin has maintained a family atmosphere in the OSI Group even as it has expanded to 70 processing facilities on 5 continents with 20,000 workers. Sheldon Lavin clearly loves the global human family.

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Randal Nardone: Investment Of The Future

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and principal of the large investment group Fortress. Founded in 1998 by Randal and Wesley Edens Fortress Investment Group. Fortress currently holds $43.6 billion of assets under their managements. Making the corporation a very big deal. However, for a company to be this successful it has to have a very intelligent and hard working owner behind it to get it started.

Mr. Nardone’s Background

Before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone first got his education at the University Of Connecticut. This is where received his BA in English and Biology. He did not stop there however he continued his education at Boston University School Of Law where he received his J.D.After receiving his education he started his career first Randal Nardone was a principal of BlackRock Financial Management, Inc in 1997. Prior to that he was a partner and a member of the executive committee at the law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood before joining UBS as a managing director from may 1997 to may 1998.

Randal’s Current Positions

Now Randal Nardone is the principal of Fortress Investment Group LLC and has been a part of the board of directors for Fortress since November 2006. Not only that but he is also a member of the Management Committee of Fortress since 1998 and served as interim Chief Executive Officer from December 2011 to July 2013 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in August 2013.The board of directors for Fortress Investment Group LLC is not the only board he is a part of either Randal Nardone is apart of Eurocastle Investment Limited as a director since 2006, Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd as a non-executive director since 2007,Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. as a director since 2008, Springleaf Finance, Inc. as a director since 2010 and finally Springleaf REIT Inc. as a director since 2011. Looking at the background for this corporation you can tell how good and trustworthy Fortress Investment Group LLC is. Mr. Nardone has achieved a lot in his life time and will continue to strive with his corporation. Dedicated to his work he made the company rise with the help of the other co-founder and workers of the company and his hard work really paid off as we can see from the results of Fortress Investment Group LLc that continues to rise everyday. His company is now and will be the most innovating investment corporation of the past and future.

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The Future Of Bitcoin That Paul Mampilly Sees

Bitcoin is a highly-regarded digital currency that experts have said is a great investment both for enhancing your portfolio and as a personal asset. But stock expert Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill believes otherwise and analyzes Bitcoin in an article he wrote recently. He stated that he had missed the prediction of Bitcoin gaining the value it did in the market and would’ve encouraged investors to buy it last year, but there’s been troubling developments with its current price. Follow Paul on Medium.

Bitcoin is now forming what Paul Mampilly refers to as it’s bubble. Bubbles form whenever a product becomes too high in demand that its price reaches levels that are way too high. This is what happened right before the tech stocks had their crash in 2000, mortgages bottomed out in 2008 and a similar concept could await in the US national debt. Bitcoin is valued high right now, but Mampilly predicts it will probably come down considerably in the next few years.

Paul Mampilly was born in India but was provided the opportunity to study in the US at a top business school in New Jersey. He became quite a sensation on Wall Street because he quickly learned how to manage large commercial banking accounts and gave great investment advice. Mampilly served in advisory roles at Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, ING and Sears and then he became managing director of one of the best performing hedge funds at the time, Kinetics International Fund. His ability to predict stocks rising and falling was quite unique, and it helped him win an investment competition in 2009. Paul Mampilly also made a huge earning in his portfolio when he bought the initial stock of Sarepta Therapeutics, a major pharmaceutical company. Visit to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly may have been earning a great paycheck while working in investment banking, but he wasn’t happy because he had to spend too many hours in the office, and he wanted to move away from helping just the wealthy and powerful people to helping people on Main Street. He joined Banyan Hill because that organization provides quality information for low prices and gets that information from out in the field reports. Mampilly writes three newsletters that cover stock investments from beginner investments in “Profits Unlimited,” intermediate level stocks in “Extreme Fortunes” and advanced stock trading in “True Momentum.” Previous companies Paul Mampilly has bought stock in include Facebook, CEMEX, and Netflix, and he’s currently advocating buying stocks in Internet of Things companies.


Shafik Sachedina The Surgeon With An Impact

Born in East Africa, Safik Sachedina was raised in the region until his teenage years where he relocated to the United Kingdom. It is there that he got the chance to attend a medical college to pursue a medical course. In his advancement, he pursued dental surgery which paved the way for his growth in his career. He has been able to do his dental surgery to many across the continent making him one of the best surgeons in the field.

He has grown not only as a dental surgeon but also as a person who plays in several community-based activities. Some of the events include his involvement with the Institute of Islamic Studies. The institute was created in the late twentieth century with the aim of creating awareness in the Islamic culture. The awareness is ensured through the making of publications and other initiatives that are meant to publicised the Islamic religion across the world.


At the moment, the institute has one of the largest libraries which have many resources such as books, journals and even magazine that aids the promotion of the Islamic religion and culture. It has various operational branches in many countries worldwide. Therefore, it has good management where Shafik Sachedina has also held some position for the efficient running of the institute. He is the head of the department of Jamati Institution and at the same time the overall coordinator whose role is to ensure a constant flow of activities. Shafik Sachedina ensures the delegation of tasks and functions in all branches. He is also on the board of management which is in-charge of decision-making.

Also, Sachedina is a philanthropist in nature. He has involved himself in many philanthropic works which have brought changes in the society. He is a member of Aga Khan Development Network committee. The committee helps to oversee economic development of Muslims globally. It is also in charge of other humanitarian services to Muslims.

Experience aids growth which on his side, it has helped him to more philanthropic works. He has provided services at the Sussex Health Care which is made up of a group of homes located in Sussex. The healthcare there is specialized in taking care of the elderly suffering from dementia as well as those experiencing learning and physical disabilities. Lately, the company has equipped itself with equipment to assist in residential placements. Shafik Sachedina has been of significant impact to the health care mainly due to his medical experience. Therefore, he has been of benefit in the development of the society in different aspects.

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Negative Economic Reports by Sahm Adrangi

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, an investment management company that focusses on the long-term value of investments, and its current CEO. The Bachelor of Arts in Economic Degree holder from the reputable Yale University has had long-term experience in investment analysis and management. Sahm Adrangi has worked in many top-shelf organizations where he continued to impact with his expertise positively. The renowned investment manager has issued lots of reports negative and positive alike on various companies that has sparked controversial sentiments.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi through his company, Kerrisdale Capital Management, recently issued a negative report on the St. Joe Company. In his statement, Mr. Sahm Adrangi questions the credibility of the billion dollars Florida real estate development company. He claims that this company that is hopeful about the transformation of a desolate area near Panama into an exciting destination is not likely to follow the protocol that will validate its current valuation. He goes on to point out that the bulk of the company’s land holdings are in total contrast to the beachfront land that the company continually advertise. He believes that in reality, there has been very little progress on this project ever since its proposal decades ago.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi states that this company is facing the risk and un-assurance of a forced selling following the Impending demise of their most significant shareholder, Fairholme Funds. A list of prolonged consecutive poor stock selection has led to the plummeting of Fairholme’s assets to less than ten percent from their peak. This unfortunate turn of events would directly translate, under the new rule, to the cutting of their funding in St. Joe Company by almost a half. It is based on these arguments that Kerrisdale believes the shares value of St. Joe Company to be about forty percent less than the current value. Finally, it is the staunch belief of Kerrisdale Capital Management that no amount of development assumptions would work to improve the stock valuation of St. Joe. In a short while, these stock projections will be realized beginning with its forced selling by their most significant shareholder.

Robert Deignan Is An Ethical Entrepreneur And A Successful Businessman

Robert Deignan is an entreprenuer and a successful business owner. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of ICE or Inbound Call Experts. The company is now called ATS Digital Services and was founded in August of 2011. Robert Deignan is well educated and from 1992 until 1995 he attended Purdue University. He graduated with his Organizational Leadership BS.

ATS Digital Services has announced their certification by the AppEsteem Corporation. They are the first call center to receive this certification. ATS provides consumer software applications with premium support services. The founders of AppEsteem were veterans of Microsoft security. ATS met the 39 parameters for call center verification required by AppEsteem. Technical support services have been provided by ATS to hundreds of thousands of clients through remote access and over the phone.

Robert Deignan is the Chief Executive Office for the company. He stated the backbone of the company is a consumer focused and comprehensive compliance. He spoke of the beginning of the review process in January. He said most of the requirements for AppEsteem had already been met. This was when he made the decision to make the commitment to become certified.

The process began when Robert Deignan signaled the regulators, security companies and software vendors they were operating at the highest possible level regarding practices and operations designed to be friendly to the consumer. AppEsteem bases the requirements for call centers on the input from security companies, government regulators, call centers, law enforcement, the software industry and consumer groups. These regulations protect the customers while building a healthier, more sustainable software industry.

The reason Robert Deignan was interested in certification was to be verified with the credentials of an important organization such as AppEsteem. The company is delighted with the association with AppEsteem. They are looking forward to the progress they will make due to the support and guidance provided. Unscrupulous call centers have spent a long period of time frightening, exploiting and over selling the consumer when contact is made for computer software help. ATS hopes to identify and shut down the bad call centers to help prevent these practices.

Ara Chackerian Paves the Path Towards Sustainable Forestry

For forestry influencers similar to Ara Chackerian, forest regions serve a vital function in the fabric of society, presenting a bounty for resources and enjoyment. Ara Chackerian has contributed the means and methods required to protect forests for clientele while confirming proper harvesting possibilities. Fortunately, a devoted staff of conservation experts proceeds to support both unrestricted and private entities in forest supervision. Thoughtful maintenance of trees and wildlife inhabitants serve all and provide occasions to grant our substantial supplies to our contemporaries.


Conservative forestry techniques help maintain distinct wildlife residents and defend the wilderness from decay and perils. Ara Chackerian and other forestry specialists understand that no two wilderness areas are alike, necessitating control and complex resource supervision. For example, Michigan needs forestry programs that account for the area’s wildlife as well as recreational use. Matt Pedigo, who represents the Michigan Wildlife Council claims that a park-like woodland occupied by widely separated trees may be ideal for hiking or camping, but it’s not perfect for wildlife. A lot of animals favor denser woods for the cover and food they provide. It takes an active administration to make sure a diverse set of forest types are presented.




According to Patch, an unexpected benefit of excellent forestation systems has been income production. With the latest technological enhancements in lumbering, and also considering the developments in lumber and paper production means, targeted forestry designs serve wildlife while creating the reserves to continue furthering the objective of protection. These days, Ara Chackerian and other authorities can use controlled plans and wonderful technology to watch wildlife operations in approaches that support the generation of wildlife, while at the same time making enough profits to sustain the drive towards harmony. Check out



Ara Chackerian is a businessperson, angel investor, and devoted humanitarian. Serving as Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, Ara advances early-stage healthcare organizations that are dedicated to transforming the US Medical arrangement. With over two decades of experience in building healthcare firms, Ara has co-established many businesses such as PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and TMS Health Solutions.

UTC has the run of the decade

The United Technologies Corporation was successfully run by Louis Chenevert for many years. When he came on he was only functioning as the chief executive officer in 2006. However, after performing so well he was also given the role of president in April 2008. In order to give them more control over the daily cycle of work he was also granted the role of chairman in 2010 by the board of directors.

The United Technologies Corporation paid him a handsome sum for all that he had done. He received a compensation package totaling around $22 million a year. This was given to him in the form of salary and a cash bonus and stock options and other compensations. His skills were shown when he was able to acquire Goodrich aerospace for a record-breaking $18 billion. This would not only change the course of United Technologies Corporation but aerospace history as well.

He worked with the company and the Board of Directors to create a product cycle that lasted 30 years. This attention to customer needs and a passion to deliver game changing products allowed his company to innovate truly life-changing products.

In the military sector there were able to create the F135 engine. This was the kind of propulsion that the military needed and further refined what jet engines were capable of doing. They also were able to enhance the GTF engine. They may have burned more efficiently by 20%, reduce the noise created by 50%, and gave it 30% more longevity in its lifespan. They leverage new technology for airplanes so that they created more narrow body segments in the Airbus A3 20, Bombardier C-Series, and the new generation Embracer.

They also used an opportunity to destroy the monopoly Rolls-Royce had in large business. This came for the creation of the Gulfstream G 500 and G 600.

They continued their decade-long contract with the United States government by producing helicopters at twice the rate of other companies at the Sikorsky plant.

He credits his success to his passion for focus and being eternally optimistic and being quite the innovator.