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PSI Pay Survives

PSI Pay is a company based out of the UK that provides digital account and payment card facilities. Phil Davies joined PSI Pay as an advisor in 2010, which got appointed to the board in 2011. Before this job, he spent 8 years as a MasterCard Worldwide Vice-President of Business Development where he started new products involving the use of better technology. He implemented strategic partnerships that were to enhance growth in many European countries. As Phil Davies is a managing director of Psi-pay, he says of Kerv “As alternative payments go Kerv has to be one of the most innovative, exciting and useful solutions available. There is no doubt that the market is now embracing these revolutionary payment applications and we are proud to be partnering with Kerv and being able to share in its inevitable success.” Kerve and PSI Pay are partnered to create a new payment device with a more convenient edge to it than previous solutions available on the market right now.

2015 was Psi Pay’s best financial year with business volumes increasing to 29%, income up by 45%, and pre-tax profits to 5.5%. PSI-Pay announced a 15% revenue increase. PSI Pay’s business endeavors are based in the ability to manage situations involving MasterCard, such as reporting, settlement, as well as approvals. The FCA is a UK-based organization that regulates firms that provide services to consumers. PSI Pay offers a protected client account and the ICA is a four-to-six digit identification assigned by Mastercard. There is flexibility with Psi-pay’s ability to allow customers to choose their own processing partners. All Mastercard fees are sent to the programme manager, and the manager is allowed to use a card of his choosing. What makes PSI-Pay products different is that PSI-Pay diligently monitors their situation, and it is different because PSI-Pay offers more choices as an alternative to banking.

PSI Pay has planned for the strategic exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Brexit means that stability may ensue. PSI Pay is unable to reveal their plans at this time but customers can be reassured, we are adapting to the changing circumstances of the times. Safety is looked after because the customer must maintain possession of their card, each transaction is encrypted with a unique code, and safeguards are in place to bill only once. PSI Pay may have a social media presence but it is minimal. The future of PSI Pay looks bright.

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The Great Achievement of Larkin & Lacey in the Circle of Human Rights

The United States had been known with matters regarding discrimination and cultural differences mainly on the side of the immigrants. Larkin and Lacey wanted to secure jobs and entree to opportunities for them in America.

The aim of the two was to reduce the down-pinned standards and work at entry level position. It is notable that discrimination was rampant and immigrants were not welcome well in American culture their treatment is not proper as such.

According to Larkin and Lacey, they tried to overcome the typecast by being creating a balance in the society. Lacey and Larkin have played a significant role in the community in the field of journalism. The intention was to give a chance to the immigrants to express their grievances.

The two took a substantial role in the financing of the small human rights organizations. There were millions of the refugees that had been discriminated following the matters that were taking place in the community. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The efforts of Larkin and Lacey were supported by many humanitarian unions across the United States. The funds that were funded by Larkin and Lacey were used to reinforce the programs of the small organizations that were fighting for the human rights in the society.

The factor that put the two in the vantage position in handling their agenda was the experiences they had and the great support from other unions

Amnesty International is one of the organizations that were in the front line in the fight of the immigrants’ rights. The founder of the organization was Peter Benenson in the year 1961. The primary objectives of the union were to stand for the justice of the prisoners and the minors in the society.

The great achievement recorded by the union is the erase of the death sentence and the permanent end of the torture of the immigrants in the United States. The organization attracted the attention of many concerned people in the community, and it was granted Nobel peace prize in theyear1977.

The organization was one of the beneficiaries of the Larkin and Lacey donation through Florentina Funds Foundation.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the prominent organization that created a wave of balance in the community through the various mission that it undertook in the field of the human rights.

The organization was founded by Larkin and Lacey with the intention of monetary the small unions in the human rights circle. The pragmatic leadership of the Larkin and Lacey made the organization to propel its mission to the peak point on matters relating to the human rights.

Larkin and Lacey were detained in the year 2007 after making the information concerning the proceeds of the grand jury and how the issues of corruption had marred the administration of the Sheriff Joe.

The statement by the two journalists made the authorities to take a move of arresting them with the intention of silencing their steps. The matter created an outcry from the public side that was demanding the release of the Larkin and Lacey.

The incident happened at night with both were taking their usual activities at their home. The judges were then forced to put aside their case, and they were compensated with amount worth $3.75. They utilized the money in taking the programs of the small unions to the better place of fighting the human rights.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Is Bringing Data And Machine Learning To Cancer Care

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago, Illinois-based entrepreneur. The latest company he co-founded is Tempus Labs which was established in 2015. As the chief executive officer of this company his mission is to bring data and machine learning to cancer care. Cancer is tough to treat because it fools the body’s defense mechanism into thinking it is normal. This means the body on its own cannot fight off cancer.

Even though his company was established less than three years ago it is already ranked as one of the top ten health technology companies in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky says that is because of the vast amount of data his company has compiled about cancer, and continue to compile going forward. He has forged collaborative relationships with hospitals and universities across the United States. Oncologists use this data to pinpoint what exact treatment a patient will best respond to in order to destroy the cancer in their body.

Before Tempus Labs each patient’s data was just in a medical record. Nobody had ever brought all of this information together to figure out on a genetic level so that they can parse out patterns and what therapies have been most effective over the years. EricLefkofsky’s company gathered all of this information together in a database the oncologists can now access. It gives them real-time information for what therapy will work best for each individual patient they are seeing, removing much of the guesswork.

Eric Lefkofsky has been founding tech companies for almost two decades. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, including both his bachelor’s and law degrees. Likely the best-known company he has co-founded was Groupon, the online deals website. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but has spent most of his professional life in the greater Chicago area.

As a philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife established the Lefkofsky Foundation. They donate generously to many causes, particularly those aimed at children. They have donated to scientific and educational organizations around the world which are seeking to solve big societal problems. He also donates his time by serving on the board of a number of nonprofits.

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Talkspace Creator Talks about the Rise in Subscribers since the Election of Donald Trump

There has been a spike in the number of people seeking therapy since President Donald Trump was elected. People, especially from the minority and the LGBTQ groups are becoming stressed and anxious about their future since the new administration came into power. Even though people were suffering from depression and anxiety even before the election, many are seeing worsening cases since the Election Day. Even though the millennial generation has always known to take more stress than their predecessor, it seems that the election results have triggered new worries in them. But, there has also been a rise in people opting for online therapy through Talkspace rather than going for the traditional therapies with professionals in their offices.

Talkspace allow its users to get online therapy via messaging or video chats from qualified and licensed therapists on the go. The millennial generation is looking for someone they can quickly talk to via a medium that they are comfortable with and Talkspace offers them just that. According to online therapists, more and more people are talking about politics with them and how it is leading to stress. Many are complaining that they are getting angrier and are lashing out at their family members. Even though the creator of Talkspace believes that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump becoming the President, the numbers prove otherwise. There has been an eight-time increase in the number of people registering with Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the unique online therapy apps that allow people to speak to therapists in the comfort of their homes. There is no need to step out or let anyone know that you are going to therapy for any problems. These apps are great for people who cannot afford the high cost of traditional treatments or those without insurance coverage for therapy.


David McDonald And The Rise Of The OSI Group

David McDonald, the president and COO of the OSI Group, is a proud graduate of Iowa State University. After he got his bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987, he remained closely involved with the school. Two of his six children attend the university and he made generous donations to scholarship programs there. Plus, he’s intimately involved in the school’s entrepreneurship program, helped establish internship opportunities at the OSI Group for its students and took some of them to visit the company’s facilities in China.

Born and raised in Iowa, David McDonald grew up on a farm. His interest in biology and agriculture led him to major in animal science. Since that time McDonald has spent over 30 years with the food processing company the OSI Group. He has played a major role in making them a major force in the global food industry. His ability to work with local distributors in 80 countries and help the company create specialty foods for the diverse taste of people from cultures the world over, allowed the OSI Group to be embraced by consumers in North, South and Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

McDonald’s expertise with logistics, ability to handle infrastructure and technical issues and unmatched skill in dealing with government agencies throughout the world have been instrumental in the company’s growth. He also played a significant role in establishing the OSI Group’s lucrative business relationships in China. Now the country’s leading poultry processer, the OSI Group built 10 poultry processing plants there. David McDonald also helped the company acquire Baho Foods and Flagship Europe and expand the OSI Group’s customer base on the European continent.

Focused on formulating effective strategies, establishing powerful relationships and finding solutions for any challenges the company faces, David McDonald has become a key figure in the OSI Group’s growth and profitability. By helping the company to remain flexible and produce the highest quality products to satisfy their global customer base, McDonald has proven his worth to the company. His entrepreneurial passion, can-do work ethic and winning budgetary, product development and leadership decisions are proof-positive David McDonald is a top food processing industry executive.

McDonald, who also serves as the North American Meat Institute’s chairman, says the book ‘Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective’ has enhanced his ability to do business in foreign countries. The book offers theoretical insights and practical advice he applies to business interactions.

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Highland Capital: Choosing A Reputable Investment Firm

Are you thinking about investing your money? Want to find a reliable firm to help you with your investing needs? If you are on the lookout for a renowned financial services or investment advisory firm, then check out Highland Capital right away.

Starting a business and getting into investing is incredibly hard work. There are several steps that you need to take and a lot to learn in order to attain the success you desire. It is advisable to have a reliable team of professionals on your side. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Investment advisory and financial planning services are an important aspect of financial and money management. Highland Capital is well equipped to address the needs of their clients and will help you in selecting the most suitable investment options for your situation.

Financial and investment advisors at Highland Capital help people with their investment needs and financial planning. These professionals can advise or guide clients on issues related to retirement planning, tax arrangement and asset allocation and investments. They cater to both beginners and experienced investors and have access to high quality resources and industry connections.

Many financial advisors and money management professionals also offer guidance on savings, dealing with debt, and creating a budget. They have great expertise in finances and all matters related to investing and money management.

Highland Capital has been providing investment advisory and financial planning since 1987 and is considered a leading firm in the industry. The company aims to render only the highest quality service to their clients.


Clients have confidence in Highland Capital to advise and guide them properly. At Highland Capital, investment advisors and financial planning experts provide personalized service, which helps them to establish and maintain strong client relationships.

The investment advisory and wealth building services provided by financial planners or investment advisors at Highland Capital comprise of a vast range of services that include expert guidance on market research, investments, analysis and tracking and much more.

With Highland Capital on your side, you will have access to knowledgeable professionals and a wide variety of industry resources. They can even guide you through the process of maximizing your returns and minimizing your risk.

As a highly recommended investment firm with experienced advisors, Highland Capital is fully dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Contact Highland Capital to learn more about their services and how you can get started investing and building your financial future. Read more at

The Middle Age Warfare Weapon-Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient warfare weapon that was used in the medieval period by troops to fight their opponents. The war machine was first developed by the Chinese engineers during the 4th century for attacking their enemies. It was used to cause massive destructions to the walls of the enemies and cause injury by hurling stones. The loads shot by the Trabuco varied where they would often use large rocks, sometimes fired carcasses of animals, fireballs, human skulls and dead infected bodies. They believed that firing dead infected bodies would spread ailments to the enemy.

Trabuco Mechanisms

The Trabuco mechanism was a developed kind of a sling or the catapult. Its mechanism used the same analogy to that of a sling in a more advanced technique for the accommodation of a more massive missile. Further, the war machine hurled the objects through some simple physics that involved turning the potential energy to kinetic energy to fire projectiles. However, not all power was used to fuel the velocity of the projectile as some of the energy dissipated through gravitational pull and friction.

Trabuco Usage

The first Trabuco was known as the traction Trabuco which was very involving in its usage. Again, the Trabuco machines were made in different sizes where there were large and small sizes and fired loads depending on their sizes. Further, the larger Trabuco machines would fire up to loads of 140 pounds and approximately 800 meters away. Nonetheless, the traction Trabuco was a lot of work and required many people to operate it to effective launch a missile. At some instances, they required up to 250 individuals to work in synchrony to help launch the projectile. Consequently, because of the difficulty of its operations, the traction Trabuco was deserted according to

Furthermore, the Trabuco was in existence for more than 1000 years before Europeans acquired it in the 600 AD. It quickly became their favorite weapon, and it was developed further to use counterweight instead of using people and was known as the balancing Trabuco. Also, the weapon was used during crusades among Christian and Muslims during religious conflicts according to Nevertheless, the war machine became obsolete when more modern weapons were invented which are used to date and includes the guns and modern-day artillery.

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Biotechnology CEO Clay B. Siegall

Dr. Siegall worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a Senior Research Investigator from February 1991 to January 1995 and as a Principal Scientist from January 1995 to December 1997. Dr. Siegall has been the Chairman of Seattle Genetics, Inc. since March 2004. He filled in as Interim Chairman of Seattle Genetics Inc., since April 1, 2004. He has been a Director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. since January 30, 2014. He has been Director of Seattle Genetics Inc. since December 1997 and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. since November 2005.

Dr. Siegall filled in as a Director of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA) and also on the Board of Governors of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. He filled in as a Non Executive Director of Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. since January 30, 2013 until December 31, 2016.

From February 1988 to February 1991, Siegall was a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. Dr. Siegall has created 67 logical papers and holds nine licenses. He serves on the Editorial Board of three logical diaries and is an individual from the Board of Scientific Counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation. He was given the Pierce Award in 1995 for his endeavors in the field of focused poisons. In 2002, he was an Ernst and Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year grant finalist in the human services classification.

The goal of Seattle Genetics is promoting the health of society, which includes ensuring that all available medical tools used by healthcare professionals are available. Siegall’s concern for the health of others stems from both his passion for the field of genetics and watching his father struggle with cancer at a young age. Siegall earned a doctorate in Genetics prior to spending time working for Bristol-Myers Squibb, which is the reason Siegall lives in Seattle.

Mark Mofid: Keep it Contoured

Mark Mofid is an experienced and passionate cosmetic surgeon that has been in the business for many years. He only implements the most advanced and safe, long-lasting procedures, and unlike many other plastic surgeons, he refuses to do procedures that could potentially jeopardize the patient, or the procedure. That is why so many turn to him for his professionalism and integrity.

One thing that Dr. Mark Mofid has been helping individuals with is keeping their body tight and youthful, restoring that snappy, elastic, skin so that everything stays where it should be. One way he accomplishes this is with body contouring. Body contouring is especially important for individuals who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight. Rapid weight loss can often lead to unattractive skin sag and be extremely uncomfortable. Not only is this condition uncomfortable, it often severely effects the self confidence of a person, making them feel like they should have never lost weight in the first place and more

That is why cosmetic surgeons like Mark Mofid want to help restore confidence and encourage a healthy lifestyle, as well as reward those who have put in the hard work to lose all that excess weight. A simple contouring is a less invasive cosmetic procedure that will help a body maintain its shapely form, and tighten up sagging areas to feel and look good both inside and out. This procedure is usually associated with minimal risk and substantial reward, and you can be that Dr. Mofid uses his practiced hand to implement the procedure in the most painless way possible.

A simple, quick procedure that is less dangerous than many other cosmetic procedures, body contouring helps tighten sagging skin and restore a youthful and vigorous form. Along with tighter, healthier skin, patients also experience more confidence and are more willing to expose their skin after having this restorative procedure. This exposure to proper amounts of sunlight can also help to restore collagen in the skin and compliment the surgery to restore skin health. Don’t let the aging process get the best of you, a simple contouring procedure from a professional like Mark Mofid can restore youthfulness and confidence to be your best you.

Greg Secker and An Attempt To Explain His Secret to Success

There are many businessmen today, but most of them have ideas that are so anachronistic in application, that these ideas don’t end up profitable or used in business models. Fortunately, there are also people like Greg Secker who has the gripping and gigantic ideas that translate smoothly into profitable business models. Why and how? Why not read below to know more?

It Is In The Giving

Greg Secker is clearly one of the most successful businessmen today, no doubt. He is unsurpassed in terms of profit and wealth that he generated from applying his ideas. He’s also one seriously lucky man, and that’s why he gets more. But that’s not where his prosperity ends. It may be said that one secret of Greg Secker on why he always succeeds is because he is always giving back. One example: his collaborative philanthropy with former Filipino Boxing Champion Nonito Donaire to give away homes affected by typhoons in the Philippines.

You can read all about this act of giving in the PhilStar Global news website, but the important thing you should remember here is that Greg Secker has managed to still extend his hand to those who are in need, especially in their time of tragic need. The social projects of Greg Secker’s Foundation was able to give away 100 homes, and that’s more than enough work than what’s been done by those who are tasked to actually rebuild these homes.

About Greg Secker

We should not forget who Greg Secker essentially is: an entrepreneur. He’s also a finance whiz, and an author and at the same time, a leadership speaker who has done a lot of social project work that improves the lives of many. His work for the people affected by Haiyan was such a massive success that so many people talked about it in social media, news sites and blogs.

The basic act of giving by Greg Secker is truly inspiring, and the fact that he doesn’t really seem to care whether his work is being announced online or in public makes it even more exciting and fascinating to hear.