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JHSF Development – Growing Rapidly under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF Development Inc is a real estate development company that is known for developing highly luxurious residential projects and large scale commercial projects, including commercial executive airports, shopping centers, incorporations, and more. The company is listed in Bovespa for maintaining the highest of standards in corporate governance, which reflects the professional work culture of the company and its commitment to providing only the best to its customers. JHSF Development has also developed highly modern Fasano Hotels and Restaurants in Brazil and is also responsible for its management. The shopping centers developed by JHSF Development are dotted across the country to learn more: click here.

The economy of Brazil has been growing consistently in the past couple of decades, which has helped in increasing the purchasing capacity of the buyers. JHSF Development has designed and developed elegant and world class residential complexes at strategic locations in many different metro cities across Brazil. It is what has helped make JHSF Development one of the most popular real estate development firms in the country. The company also specializes in building rental residential apartments, which is also a part of the company’s business model. Many of the residential properties the company has built are given on rent as it helps in adding substantial revenue to the company’s balance sheet regularly, and also helps in building assets in the long-term.

Jose Auriemo Neto, the Chief Executive Officer of the JHSF Development Inc, has also played a pivotal role in the company’s growth in the past few years. Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in making JHSF Development a global player in real estate development and has taken the company’s operations to New York, Miami, Mexico City, and Punta Del Este. The competition in the real estate sphere has been growing tremendously as the world economy continues to improve, and it is what compelled Jose Auriemo Neto to look beyond the local horizon. And, it is for this very reason he recently moved to New York, where JHSF Development is developing a high-rise residential apartment building. The company plans to give the property on rent once the project is completed, and Jose Auriemo Neto has already started marketing the project in New York City.

Jason Hope’s Believe in the Internet

For years Jason Hope has been a big supporter of the Internet of Things. This concept refers to how technology can allow various devices to be in sync and work together with each other. Hope has discussed for years how this concept is the way of the future and has even written about the subject extensively at He ultimately believes it will be the biggest movement in technology in quite some time.

The Internet of Things includes many devices that are used in today’s world already. devices can include kitchen appliances, and even street lights. When synced together these devices become more efficient, sharing data and the same network. Jason Hope is convinced that all companies will eventually have to embrace the Internet of Things. As companies move to this way of working, others will have to embrace it to keep up. In time Hope is believes it will completely change the way for businesses operate.

Hope supports the Internet of Things because of its ability to improve our way of life. Technology and the Internet of Things has the power to eliminate waste and make our daily lives safer. Hope knows that public transportation has already been improved by this concept. In addition to improving road conditions it also will result in less pollution over time and possibly even fewer traffic accidents.

An entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist, Jason Hope has been impacting the world for quite some time. A native of Arizona, Hope graduated from Arizona State University, and later got an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has a has a dedicated interest in politics, business and technology. Over the years he has also become well known for his best philanthropy activity. One of his biggest passions has become the research done at the SENS foundation. Hope has become one of the go to and trusted voices for technology and what the future holds. With his passion and dedication to the field, he is sure to continue making an impact for many more years to come.


Brian Bonar French Tribune

Brian Bonar Encourages International Investors to Purchase European Exchange Traded Funds

Brian Bonar, an American investor and entrepreneur has served many companies as a key executive, for almost 33 years. His selections of investment options have resulted in immediate success over the years, including Trucept Inc., Smart-Tek, and Amanda Company, to name a few.

He has established an excellent reputation in the United States and around the world as a leader and investor. Mr. Bonar is also an author, and recently, offered international investors insight on the European economy and investment opportunities. In an article published in a French Tribune’s online news article, on May 23rd, 2017, his focus is on the future of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), in Europe.

While international investors were in favor of Emmanuel Macron winning the presidential election in France, Bonar advises them to be observant of his prime minister selection. He says stability in France’s economy will depend on the prime minister’s ability to unify their government political parties.

The French election have no effect on the performance of European ETFs, one of the safest investment products on global markets for long-term investing. Exchange Traded Funds have lower risks compared to Europe’s stock and a smarter option to diversify investment portfolios. Brian Bonar said that now is the time for U.S. investors to invest in European stocks and ETFs.

The price of stock is low and inexpensive while the economy in Europe begins to strengthen, gradually. According to Market Watch, Brian Bonar’s advice to international investors is to remain watchful of the national elections in Germany and the legislative elections in France. The signs of European economic growth is promising if all goes well in the upcoming elections.

As the economy continues to strengthen, stock prices will eventually increase and no longer be beneficial for investments. Brian Bonar’s expertise in the financial and investment industries, for more than three decades has placed him in a position to offer advice as a reliable professional consultant.

Brian Bonar is affiliated with successful companies, including Dalrada Financial Corporation, Trucept, Amanda, and Smart-Tek. He serves on the Board as Chairman and Director for various businesses, while also holding executive positions. Bonar is a graduate from University of Strathclyde and Staffordshire University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and a master’s degree and PhD in international business.

It was almost the mid-1980’s when Brian Bonar started his career as director of engineering at QMS Inc. Since then, he has filled executive roles for Rastek, Solvis Group, and other companies. He stepped down from serving as Trucept’s CEO and announced his retirement, in February 2016. Bonar is continuously exploring investment opportunities for himself and investors, now that he’s retired. He is keeping watchful eyes on global economies, especially in Europe and the United States.

Lori Senecal’s Tremendous Competence

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B Global from the year 2015. She has served the company diligently, and this has contributed to its massive growth during her tenure. She joined the company having acquired much experience in her past years. She worked at MDC Partners where she served as the President as well as the CEO. Her previous years’ experience made her the perfect choice to head the CP+B Global company.

In an article on Fast Company, as a talented individual, Senecal is a specialist in business management as well as investment. She has vast experience in coordinating as well as leadership making her one of the highest ranked individuals in the business world. She has a keen interest as well as unimaginable zeal in developing and promoting technological innovation. She has propelled the growth of numerous companies in the past years. On top of her experience, she has academic qualifications that make her an expert in whatever she does. Lori has earned an excellent reputation following her services at major companies. She has engaged prominent businesspeople in the entire word, and this makes her a Global icon.

According to Adweek, her vast experience and academic qualifications have made her perform greatly in the companies she has served. This has seen her receive awards over the past years. She received the AWNY Quantum leap award due to her professional triumph. She has acquired vast vocational qualifications in Advertising and Digital Media. In her line of operation, she has gained experience in relationship marketing, new business development as well as entrepreneurship. Besides all the experience and the great name she holds, Lori is known to be calm and collective. She is said to be a silent operator, but this does not make her any less productive. She has unmatched skills in public speaking, and this has seen her speak in very major meetings and workshops. All the companies she has served have experienced a significant transformation. She has an important character that deserves emulating. Lori Senecal stands as a major icon that women can follow and learn from. Her diverse skills and a great heart are key factors to her success.

Capital Group Strong Investment Leader

American investment guru Warren Buffett has made a $1 million dollar wager, saying he could make better investment returns than a bunch of hedge fund managers by only investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet will be decided this year and Warren Buffett is expected to be the winner. Warren Buffett has said the winnings will be given to charity.


Warren Buffett has shared that he believes many expensive funds end up costing investors. Tim Armour and Warren Buffett believe low cost and simple investments should be bought and held for a long period of time. Buffett advocates “bottom-up” investing which reviews companies and build a portfolio that is strong. It is a practice that has worked for Warren Buffett for years. Warren Buffett continues to encourage people to start saving more and invest and to stay invested and more information click here.


Buffett has recently told shareholders via a letter that he does not support that the “active versus passive” debate saying it does not help investors. He believes mutual funds only offer poor long-run returns because of high cost management fees and excessive trading. Armour does not support passive index returns being the key to a prosperous retirement. Warren Buffett has found a way to filter out the weak investors from the strong investors, and they are low expenses and high manager ownership. Buffett and Tim Armour believe in finding those fund managers who are investing a large portion of their own money and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. He is also the chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. Tim Armour has spent 34 years with the Capital Group. Tim Armour started at Capital Group as part of The Associates Program. Armour was also an equity investment analyst, where he covered telecommunications and American service companies.


Timothy Armour currently lives in Los Angeles, where Capital Group is located. He received a bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College. Tim Armour made numerous appearances on television, including on CNBC and MSNBC. Timothy Armour has also been featured in financial magazines such as Bloomberg and the Financial Times and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


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Eric Lefkofsky: The Business of DNA

The three famous letters DNA are an abbreviation for Deoxyribonucleic acid. Everything that a person physically is can be traced back to the genetic coding of their DNA. It’s truly amazing that something we will never see with the naked eye is directly responsible for our entire physical being. With the changing of our genetic structure over thousands of years, humanity has changed mostly for the better. Unfortunately, there are still ailments that exist in the blueprint of the human genome. Geneticists toil endless hours to understand and correct these ailments. It’s difficult work and organizations like Tempus require the greatest of minds to achieve this goal.

Tempus is a company at the forefront of incredible genomic technology. Tempus is currently developing an operating system that will acquire, file and accurately access genomic data. By having massive amount of genomic data filed away, physicians will be able to more accurately treat their patients by having an understanding of their illness at a genetic level. This understanding comes from a blend of both molecular and clinical data to better personalize patient treatments and his Twitter.

Tempus was co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is also known as the CEO of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace. As the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky guides the vision of the company while providing the proper choices to keep the company financially afloat. As a founder and CEO of multiple companies such as the aforementioned Groupon, the supply chain management company Echo Global Logistics, marketing company Inner Workings, advertising and software company Mediaocean, the data analytics company Uptake, and a venture capital firm Lightbank, Eric Lefkofsky is more than qualified at the helm of Tempus.

Revolutionary work is being done at Tempus to provide doctors with a better means to serve their patients. With each day humanity’s genetic future looks even brighter and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Sheldon Lavin Bags the Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary Award for his Successful Executive Career

Sheldon Lavin was the recipient of the fifth annual Global Visionary Award presented by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin, who serves as OSI Group’s chair and CEO, bagged the prestigious award due to his successful executive career. He is known for enabling OSI Group to secure a spot in the international food processing industry. Since he took over as the chief executive officer, the company has expanded its food solutions to 60 locations based in 16 nations.OSI Group’s products, reach clients in India through OSI-Vista Processed Foods. The firm began operating as OSI Group’s subsidiary in 1995. Today, OSI-Vista operates in eight locations in the country and excels in distributing custom processed meat, vegetables, and fruits to clients. Sheldon Lavin also acts as the CEO of the firm. The Vision World Academy acknowledged his achievements with an objective of inspiring the future generation to follow his example.

OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the founding leaders of OSI Group. The Aurora-based meat processing company was featured in Forbes’ list as one of the largest privately owned business ventures in America. Besides serving as its CEO, Lavin entirely owns OSI Group. He began his finance career as a consultant for Otto & Sons back in 1970. Otto & Sons hired Lavin with an objective of building a meat processing factory and operating as a Midwest supplier of McDonalds.

As a family owned venture, Otto & Sons’ management changed in the 1970s. This move allowed the venture to expand overseas. Sheldon Lavin is acknowledged as the financial expert who facilitated the family business’ expansion into foreign markets. He later gained total ownership of the company, which embraced the name OSI Group. Today, OSI Group thrives in the international meet processing market because of its diverse products. The products include breadsticks, breakfast sausage, cooked beef, hot dogs, and pork.


Julie Zuckerberg

As an independent female, Julie Zuckerberg had made her way to the top of the finance industry without the assistance from the patriarchy. Overcoming the male dominated workforce is not easy, but Julie had overcome multiple hurdles to get where she is today. Sacrificing her social life during her early twenties for extra hours at the office had certainly paid off. She now has held multiple executive human resource positions for the largest finance companies on the globe.


Not only is Julie breaking the male dominated business hierarchy, but she is also contributing to greater causes. Surely, those lucky enough to rise to high wage executive careers forget about the little people; but not Julie. She is actively involved in a number of charities geared towards ending poverty and reducing human rights violations in underprivileged countries.


Her passionate care towards her pets had also led her on a crusade of supporting animal rights. Ending the suffering of innocent animals has become her new calling in love. She may not be a religious girl, but her bleeding heart nature wanted her to nurture the unfortunate population of tortured animals within the meat and pharmaceutical industries.


Julie’s time at the City University of New York has exposed her to radical social and business ideas that have shaped her professional life. With her degree and desperation to get her foot in the door, she had accepted a lowly HR position with the Hudson law firm. Although abysmal wages for New York, the fast paced job had provided her with human relationship experience that will last a lifetime. Not only did she learn some awesome recruitment techniques, but also how to diffuse workplace conflicts.


Somebody within the ivory towers of Wall Street must have noticed her excellence since she was recruited with Citi as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. She had planned full-cycle recruitment strategies for hiring managing directors that will be assigned to various projects. She had become a master negotiator, saving the company millions through alluring employment packages. She was fully responsible for making sure new employees understood their positions, benefits and contract durations. She had also been shifted into international recruitment, making sure that each recruit had been legally compliant to work for the company.


Julie had gone into a 4-month temporary position wit the New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. During her short period, she had managed the entire nation’s employee recruitment strategy. Much like her position at Citi, she had created full-cycle recruitment projects. This was a mere break prior to her contract with Deutsche Bank.


Deutsche Bank, one of the leading international finance companies, was certainly a privilege for Julie Zuckerberg to work for. She had handled recruitment in multiple industries including asset management, global technology, and infrastructure. She was also tasked with making sure the company was met with diversity quotas and other legal obligations. Her position had been directly in communication with the management team, allowing her to form new recruitment strategies that will be adopted in other branches of the company.

BMW – Better to Buy New or Used? Beverly Hills Auto Tells All

Buying a car is a personal experience, and arguably even more so for a luxury car, like a used BMW. Should one buy used or new? Obviously, if price isn’t a consideration in any respect, you’d go for new, unless you just happened to have a fetish for old cars, or like fixing them as a hobby. When considering whether to buy old or new, there are some pointers you may want to keep in mind. First, it may depend on the model. Some models are better new than old. Also, are you able to do any of the maintenance work yourself?

If you’re looking to buy a used BMW, contact Beverly Hills Auto Group in Queens New York.

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Jason Hope Foresees many industries being disrupted by Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s foremost internet entrepreneurs. He has made a name for himself over the years by starting a string of highly successful companies, some of which have gone on to become leaders in their respective industries. He is perhaps best noted as the founder of Jawa, one of the first premium content providers for mobile users.

Now, Hope has taken to the internet. He’s blogging and writing for a number of tech outlets concerning matters technological. One of the chief areas that he’s become interested in are the possibilities presented by the new technologies broadly encompassed by the term Internet of Things.

One of the aspects which has sparked Hope’s interest is the way in which the coming technology will disrupt various industries in their respective work forces. Jason Hope foresees industries such as fast food, trucking and other industries employed primarily low skilled labor being heavily disrupted by new technologies, such as widespread automation.

He thinks one of the crucial issues of the coming 50 years will be the ways in which society handles a large army of unemployed workers who, in previous generations, would have been able to eventually be retrained and find new jobs. Hope thinks that many of these workers simply will not be able to create real value in the advanced economy that will soon become reality and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

But Hope does not view this as a problem. Instead, he thinks that enough wealth will be generated by the increases in productivity that these unemployable workers will have unprecedented leisure time and be taken care of by the government and more information click here.

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